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Christmas is normally associated with celebration. But the fact that there are another 364 or 365 additional days in the year, don’t you think that it would be a good idea to learn how to celebrate on those days as well?

Here are some points that I have celebrated throughout this past year:

1. I have celebrated the fact that I have breath in my body and that I can impact the lives of others with that life. Life is a gift and to be sustained must be given.

2. I have celebrated that all my family are growing and going ahead in their relationship with their Lord, their friends and with each other.

3. I have celebrated that in my pursuit to change this year, that change has occurred on a number of fronts in my life. Has change always been comfortable? No… but wonderful once I have pushed through any barriers or resistance that may have appeared before me.

4. I have celebrated the miraculous physical healing that I received in my body this year.

For more information about this miraculous event go to: http://www.motivationalmemo.com/blog/2005/05/

5. I have celebrated the return of music into my life, the fact that I am writing music again and that I am playing in a band at Generation Church here on the Gold Coast, Australia http://www.generationchurch.com.au/home.html after a break of seven years.

6. I have celebrated the fact that I am finding joy in serving once again.

7. I have celebrated the fact that I can share the experience of business life, spiritual life, physical life with my family.

8. I have celebrated that I live in a country that allows for freedom and democracy to reign supreme. Australia is a blessed country indeed!

9. I have celebrated the power of creativity that resides within me. God has placed within me the power to do and achieve whatever I dream and are willing to work for.

10. I have celebrated that I can do all things through Christ the Lord who strengthens me, and that nothing is impossible to me because I believe.

May I encourage you to take time to pause and celebrate too….

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