Discover the True You Through This New View of Life

Post written by Guy Finley. When we’re in pain most of us will do whatever seems necessary to bring relief. Almost any behavior can be justified when pain pushes us far enough. But as we’ve all seen – one way or another ­– these old solutions do nothing to change either our situation, or the […]

Unveiling Thick Face, Black Heart

Post written by Chin-Ning Chu with Peter G. James Sinclair. Allow me to share what I feel are some of the best quotations from Chin-Ning Chu’s book, . Great insight. Great wisdom. Dwell on each phrase. Chew slowly. Digest deliberately, and apply diligently. The title of the book is drawn from a quote by Lee […]

The 10 Commandments For Clear Communication

Post written by Peter G. James Sinclair. What you say and what I hear are sometimes poles apart. This happens even amongst the closest of friends. That’s why, when it comes to having a working relationship with another human being, it is so important to put in writing your agreement so that both parties understand […]

The Art Of Worldy Wisdom

Post written by Baltasar Gracián & Peter G. James Sinclair. I was recently introduced to a relatively obscure work entitled The Art Of Worldly Wisdom and as I read it I knew that I had stumbled upon gold. Written hundreds of years ago it still to this day has a relevance that readily enables the […]

How To Thrive When The Unexpected Happens

Post written by Peter G. James Sinclair. It was a windy day. Perfect for kite flying. All the neighbors seemed to come out to watch the event, and it wasn’t long before the new ‘aeronautically engineered apparatus of flight ingenuity’ was launched on its maiden voyage. As my friend David, who was holding the kite, […]

How To Defeat Depression

Post written by Peter G. James Sinclair. Depression is an insidious disease that strikes at any time and at any age. Depression and anxiety appear differently at different stages of the life cycle. Key stages of life to watch out for depression and anxiety include: For youths depression and anxiety often have their onset in […]

How To Build Your Life On A Foundation Of Integrity

Post written by Peter G. James Sinclair. As an employer of others, the qualifications nor the CV that has been presented to me by a prospective employee has rarely impressed me. I look deeper than that. I am not overly concerned with what they know, but rather with whom they are and the principles that […]

3 Steps Towards Outrageously Successful Living

Post written by Peter G. James Sinclair. I read a quote by Sydney Smith – ‘Take short views, hope for the best, and trust God.’ But before I share my thoughts I must qualify what I mean by my title that includes the two words ‘outrageously successful’. This is far greater than money – for […]

Profitable Thoughts On Opportunity

Post written by Peter G. James Sinclair & Great World Thinkers. Someone once shared with me that when preparation meets opportunity there is success. With that thought in mind I always seek to do even the smallest thing that I do with the spirit of excellence. That way, when opportunity presents itself to me, I […]

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