Be Expectant & Give Birth To A Great Future

Post written by Peter G. James Sinclair. Here’s a quote that leapt into my brain – probably around the time that one of my children was being born – ‘Be expectant and you’ll give birth to a great future.’ I love it when I can draw from the day to day life experiences that I […]

40 Essential Things You Must Do Before You Die

Post written by Peter G. James Sinclair. There is an abiding principle that should form the foundation of our lives as we traverse the years upon planet earth. And here it is: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. And here is my expansion and application of that powerful principle… 1. […]

Why Love Is Up There With Oxygen

Post written by Peter G. James Sinclair. Remove oxygen from our world and we’re dead. The same goes for love. Allow me to share a small part of my journey where I learnt some valuable lessons about the importance of this life-sustaining source. I was only nine years old when my parents decided to take […]

The Poetry Of Peter G. James Sinclair

Post written by Peter G. James Sinclair. I have always  loved poetry from when I was a child and even through my teenage years. It was at that time that I started to write lyrics for the music that I composed. The discipline of writing short concise thoughts fashioned me as a writer that then flowed […]

Take This Quiz: How Do You Measure Up?

Post written by Peter G. James Sinclair. I’m pondering this afternoon about where all my schoolmates are now. What have they achieved? What influence have they had? What level of success have they accrued? What significance are they effecting? What impact are they having? What Is The True Measure Of A Man Or Woman’s Life? […]

A Greater Perspective On Life’s Storms

Post written by Halina Goldstein. If love is the essence of life – why does life then throw us out of love and into the darkness of loss, of death, of divorce, of loneliness? If life is good – why is it so harsh sometimes? We can only guess. But then again, when we encounter […]

How To Respond In A Crisis

Post written by Peter G. James Sinclair. A young and successful executive was traveling down a neighborhood street, going a bit too fast in his new Jaguar. He was watching for kids darting out from between parked cars and slowed down when he thought he saw something. As his car passed, no children appeared. Instead, […]

The 3 Indisputable Qualities Of The Wise

Post written by Peter G. James Sinclair. Lao Tzu once wrote ‘[A wise person] acts without claiming the results as his; he achieves his merit and does not rest (arrogantly) in it:- he does not wish to display his superiority.’  This in itself is just one quality of the wise. I’d like to add two […]

Dare To Dream Again

Post written by Peter G. James Sinclair. From time to time I challenge myself to dust off some old dreams that may have grown a little stale and rusty from lack of use. It’s so exciting to dig them up again. It’s like being an archaeologist stumbling across an ancient relic and a new dig. […]

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