Successful Living

The Mirror Of A Motivated Life

The most correct study of mankind is man. Each individual is a mirror to us; and the more we peer into the lives of others, whether in the past or the present, we can learn more and more about ourselves. This is the power of biography and is why I encourage myself, and those I […]

Living Tall

Another year has pursued and overtaken us…and while I was watching another movie in my holidays I discovered yet another quote that struck me to the core. I don’t want to keep it just to myself, so here it is for you to enjoy. ‘A man is only as tall as the sum of his […]


Christmas is normally associated with celebration. But the fact that there are another 364 or 365 additional days in the year, don’t you think that it would be a good idea to learn how to celebrate on those days as well? Here are some points that I have celebrated throughout this past year: 1. I […]

The Journey Of Journalisation

It’s now been well over twenty years since I started to keep a journal of some sort or fashion, and I know for a fact that it is because of my daily, weekly or occasional doodles, when I poured out my heart onto the page of my secret journal, that clarity often came and plans […]


Here’s the lyrics to the latest song I’ve written….expressing the source of the freedom that I experience on a day to day basis here on planet earth….Peter Sinclair YOU ARE MY FREEDOM When I cry to you My God I know you hear me When I fix my eyes on you You make me smile […]

Mini Motivators

Here are some powerful Mini Motivators drawn from the fantastic little book entitled The Mini MOTIVATOR by Paul Hanna. ENJOY!!!! I’m going to share 10 of these powerful motivators with you now. 1. Keep Your Car Immaculate Forget what you may have heard. When it comes to cars, we all judge a book by its […]

Defined By What You Do

I recently saw the movie ‘Batman Begins’. Twice throughout the movie the following words were heard: ‘You are defined by what you do’. It’s not what you say that defines you. Because many say and never do. It’s not what you propose that defines you. For many make plans and never carry them out. Many […]


Change is necessary if we are to ever grow to the height and stature that I believe all of us have been created for. Is change always comfortable? No. Is change always convenient? No. Is change necessary? Yes. Why? Because without change we remain stunted and then a most unpleasant thing will start to happen. […]

Survey Survival

I have just returned from spending three days in a wonderful destination with my family. Away from the office and away from home, the major goal of the long weekend was to do absolutely nothing relating to business. In order to achieve that goal, the weekend was peppered with lots of coffee and ice cream […]

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