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8 Practical Strategies To Capture World-Class Ideas

Post written by Ken Myers. Coming up with new ideas is not always an easy task, especially true if you work in a creative field where you are expected to come up with new things as a matter of course. After a while, even the most creative person will naturally run out of new ideas. […]

4 Mistakes On The Way To A New Life

Post written by Roman Soluk. It’s clear that the most massive influx of visitors in the gym occur immediately after the New Year. And this number is significantly reduced in about a week or two after that. It is clear why this is happening. Haven’t you ever made New Year resolutions? Haven’t you tried to […]

7 Steps To Always Reach Your Goals

 Post written by Peter G. James Sinclair. To write a goal is admirable.  Few do it.  But that is only the starting point. Once you have written your goal – and I like to write it as if it has already been achieved and attach a date to it when you wish to see it […]

Energy Work: Your Not-So-Secret Weapon

Post written by Julia Felberbauer. Energy work: never heard of it? What is it, and why am I calling it a weapon? Let me explain: I have gotten rid of both mine and other people’s inner blocks by using energy work. It didn’t take long and it often resulted in huge relief, lightness, freedom and […]

3 Ways To Turn Your First Step From Overwhelming To Inevitable

Post written by Ragnar Miljeteig. When you’re being introspective, and you realize that perhaps there’s a thing you should start doing, it’s easy to postpone it. It’s easy to forget about it. It’s easy to ignore it. Starting the process is hard. But it doesn’t have to be. Imagine that you are going jogging for […]

The 5 Irrepressible Attributes Of True Love

Post written by Peter G. James Sinclair. There are times when we all come across people who, how can I put it tactfully, rub us up the wrong way. They are abrasive. They are negative. They are obnoxious. So what do we do with them? Love them. But love comes in many different packages, and […]

How Sleep Can Fast-Track Your Career

Post written by Helena Pilih. In recent years, we’ve been hearing much about the (negative) effects of sleep deprivation. Well-known and successful people are picking up the baton from sleep researchers, trying to get it through to us that sleep does matter. If however, you are still getting by on a handful of hours’ sleep, […]

What If Your Goals Are Wrong?

Post written by Sean Meshorer. Not getting where you want fast enough? Maybe your goals are wrong? Do you have the right goals for the right reasons? These are all questions worth getting the answers. So allow me to help you. A key aspect of motivation is goal selection. Choose the right goals and two […]

5 Ways To Switch Your Brain Into A Progressive Machine

Post written by Travis Holmes. Being successful in life can very much depend on our brain working well. We need to make sure that we are thinking clearly so that we can do well. This could be at work, running a business, or even doing things at home with the family. Getting the brain working […]

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