Personal Development

The Rights & Wrongs Of Comparison

Post written by Peter G. James Sinclair. If there is one word of wisdom I can offer you today it’s this: stop comparing yourself to those around you. The days of keeping up with the Jones or the Smiths are dead and gone. Stop looking at the other guys car, because if you knew the […]

Invest 1% Of Your Day In Yourself

Post submitted by From the moment our hand swipes the side of that alarm clock in the morning to the time we tuck ourselves back under the covers at night, we are constantly on the move. Parts of our days we rely on routines. Whether it be to conserve mental energy or to make […]

4 Steps Towards Total Life Transformation

Post written by Jer Monson. The New Year has come and gone once again. How are you feeling? For many of us, January 1st means New Year’s resolutions – an opportunity to think about things that we want to change in the year to come. In the United States, there are a few perennial New […]

Purpose – The Center Of Life

Post written by Ankit Yadav. The first question comes from the topic itself. What do you mean, when you say that purpose is the center of life? When I say “Purpose is the center of life”, I mean that the purpose of life is the running force of a fulfilling and joyous life. It is […]

Improve Or Implode – Your Choice

Post written by Jane Brown. This week, in Slate’s popular Dear Prudence advice column, a young man wrote in asking for advice on his future. He wants to go back to school to earn his bachelor’s degree, and has his wife’s support, but is worried about the risks involved in changing his life. As he […]

The Truth About Personal Growth

Post written by Jer Monson. A few weekends ago, my wife, Rachelle, and I had one of ‘those’ conversations… Anyone who has been married for a while automatically appreciates the perennial sex-money-parenting challenges inherent in marriage. Rachelle and I do a pretty good job of communicating on these issues. Still, after more than an hour […]

How To Chart Your Brilliant Future

Post written by Peter G. James Sinclair. I was recently reviewing a random selection of my journals – I currently have more than forty of these in my home office that cover a period of over thirty years. In these precious volumes I have recorded the intimate reflections of my thoughts, my dreams, my concerns, […]

4 Mindsets To Beat The Guilt Trap

Post written by Eduard  Ezeanu. In life there will be situations where you’re confronted with the decision to either do something for yourself and take care of your own needs, or do something for somebody else and help them take care of their needs. You can’t do both. You have to make a choice. I […]

How To Socialize Effectively Every Time

Post written by Paul Sanders. If you happen to be nervous and hesitant in social situations, then you realize how many opportunities for meeting and making friends you’ve missed out on. This article will help you stop this kind of pattern. Just imagine how your life would be if you could talk to people whenever […]

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