Personal Development

10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 Ways To Make Every Day Count

‘Don’t count the days, make the days count.’ Anon. I was browsing through a local gift shop when I stumbled across this saying. A simple statement yet powerful. So I’m going to take you on a countdown from 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 and then blast off to a life of extraordinary experiences. Obviously there are many ways that […]

Four Step Plan To Goal Setting

When it comes to goal setting, we can at times make the process so complex that we’re put off by the whole process of goal setting, and as a result we fail to even set the goal. We make out the process to be so hard that it just becomes too hard. So that is […]

The Man Who Moved Men & Mountains

Many years ago my grandfather gave a gift to my dad. It was book that told the story of R. G. LeTourneau, and the title of the book was. Many years later my dad handed me that same book, and I still have it in my possession to this day, and it was then that […]

Magnify Your Mind

Peter loves his mind.Why you may ask? Because no matter how much he puts into it, it never explodes. It is a reservoir that is always thirsty for fresh revelation and new insight. It is hungrier than a lion and more voracious than a tiger. How hungry, you might say, can that be? Well here are the pile of books next to his bed when he created this podcast.

The Sower & The Reaper

I recently replanted my organic vegetable garden when we moved house. I had let it go to rack and ruin some months preceding the move.  For as we  knew that we were about to move, there didn’t seem to be any point in planting during those last days. The result of that inaction was a […]

Full Self-Esteem Ahead

The more I study successful people, the more I realize that success, or rather success as we perceive it and have thrust upon us via the media, is an incredibly fleeting thing. To me, success that lasts a moment and then turns into devastating defeat and disaster, is pointless success. It’s a total waste of […]

The Longevity Of Positivity

What our world needs now, more than ever, are positive role models and the continued dispersion of the positivity philosophy.Too many live their lives in a constant and unending cycle of despair and regret.This does not have to be so. By simply changing our perspective we can gain a whole new slant on the world […]

The Life Changing Growth Of An Idea (Part 1)

‘The wise only possess ideas…the greater part of mankind are possessed by them.’ Samuel Taylor Coleridge Throughout the history of mankind, ideas, and the ready application of those ideas have always separated those who ‘were’ from those who ‘will be’. Only those who have embraced fresh ideas have soared on to greatness. Only those who […]

How Daily Goals Make You Whole

I  thought I knew a lot about goalsetting until I was recently challenged on two occasions, from two different sources, to write down my goals EVERY DAY. That’s right. Don’t just speak your goals out. Don’t just visualise them. Actually take a pen and paper and take some time out to write your goals EVERY […]

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