Personal Development

The 100 Traits Of A Winner

There are probably more than 100 traits that are exemplified by the life of the  winner – but 100 is a good starting point. I challenge you to measure your life against this list to do just that – not to condemn you in any way, but rather to challenge you. Life is all about […]

How To Unleash A Powerful Life By Leaving

To traverse to another land across the oceans we must first leave the shore. This is where the adventure begins, where danger lurks, and where possibility is unveiled. However, if we do not leave we will never arrive. It’s as simple as that. To obtain what is better in life we must often let go […]

Give Me One Motivational Quote That Changed Your Life

I posted this request – Give Me One Motivational Quote That Changed Your Life –  in the Motivation Nation Group found in the social network of Linkedin. The response has been overwhelming and continues to grow with every passing week… So here are just some of the contributions that have been made in response to […]

Peter G. James Sinclair Interviewed On ABC Radio

While on a recent speaking tour for a period of 14 days that took in 14 cities and 18 speaking engagements I caught up with David Iliffe of ABC Radio via phone hook-up whilst sitting in my vehicle somewhere between where I’d been and where I was going. I love the interview process because you […]

The 10 Top Ways To Be Unmotivated

I’m amazed at how many people declare that motivation is all hype, and that it’s not necessary to read personal developmental or inspirational material. So why don’t we take a reverse look at the motivational world for just a minute by adding the two letters ‘u’ and ‘n’ to the front of the ‘m’ word, […]

Which Motivational Method Is Best? The Whip, The Carrot Or The Internal Method.

To be motivated, we either need a whip from behind or the enticement of a carrot from the front. I don’t know about you, but I’d choose the carrot time and time again. But maybe there is a better way. I must admit that throughout the years the carrot was represented to me as the […]

10 Passionate Bloggers Who Have Already Inspired Me Before I Even Get Into 2011

What has attracted me to this small list of bloggers? Their passion. I’ve been reading a lot of blog lists – some with top 30, 33, and others with 52 and even some with 101 blogs on their list. Whew! I get worn out just thinking about how on earth the bloggers could have put […]

How To Surprise Yourself By Outstripping Your Potential

‘Sometimes the best lessons that we could learn are on the road someplace else.’ Steve Brown Every one of us has incredible potential. But as someone once mentioned to me – that potential plus four dollars will buy you a cup of coffee. It’s what you do with your potential that really counts. I’ve always […]

Interview With Celestine Chua Of ‘The Personal Excellence Blog’

As I have surveyed the personal excellence blogosphere there are some standouts that have been drawn to my attention – written by people who are helping others to become all that they have been created to become. I love that, and that is why I approached Celestine Chua for the following interview – which she […]

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