Good Enough Is Just Not Good Enough

Lack of excellence in businesses and organisations is because there is often a failure in the systems area. Quite often it’s not a people problem. It’s a system problem. And that means that there is a leadership problem. Fix the system, train the people to use the system and excellence will remain constant. Continue to review, analyse, check that system and you can expect only one thing – and that is excellence.

How To Live An Expansive Life

An expansive life begins first in your mind. In order to live big, you first think big. Every action in your life will be in direct response to the thoughts that are meditated upon in your mind on a daily basis. That is why it is vital that you spend a portion of each day […]

Leadership, The Loose Cannon & The Lone Ranger

What can leadership learn from the loose cannon and the lone ranger? The loose cannon is a person who is expected to perform a particular task, but who is out of control and dangerous. It refers to an irresponsible and reckless individual, whose behaviour endangers the group he or she belongs to. The lone ranger […]

Massive Capacity Expansion

My pastor shared a powerful message at our recent vision night about how we need to enlarge our territory, that we have an assignment on our lives to fulfil, and that we have been called to have a big capacity. Now what is capacity? The ability to contain. But with the expansion of that capacity […]

The Future Is Now: 21st Century Leadership

Authenticity and transparency are to be the hallmarks of emerging and successful leadership this century. No longer will leaders be able to hide behind the veil of unaccountability and untouchability. For in this new world, men and women will gravitate towards leaders who are in the dark as they are in the light. Transparent, vulnerable […]

‘Soft Touch’ Leadership

It is my observation that some leaders deal, with those whom they’ve been entrusted to lead, with what I would call ‘rough hands’. Now I am first to agree that leadership is a tough gig at times, but a great leader will use ‘soft hands’, even in the midst of a change or a forced […]

The Power Of Posture

There have been times in the past when potential clients have put my sales team on the spot by demanding, ‘Convince me that I need….’ whatever product they require. They then lean back in their chair as if they are waiting for some performance to be performed. Now at times this can prove to be […]

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