Protected: Interview With Peter Irvine: Co-Founder Of Gloria Jean’s Coffees

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10 Excellent Reasons To Do Good Business

Good Business is more than a product, more than a power-packed sales method, more than a service. It has everything to do with relationships. And if you are not the owner of a conventional business, don’t stop reading because each and every one of us are in the business of life. Who do we do […]

How Blogging Got Me A Mention In ‘The New York Times’

Last December I sold my web design clients in order to release me to pursue my passion for blogging for my ‘motivational, inspirational, personal development and positive psychology’ niche. So on December 22, when I handed my clients, of over 7 years, to the purchaser and he handed me the cheque, I plunged myself into […]

How To Create Magnificence Every Day

After spending between 7am and 9am in one of four of my favourite local coffee shops Monday to Friday, I head to my office. Often my staff will ask what I’ve been doing. My response? ‘Creating magnificence!’ I actually don’t go to these outlets for the coffee. I go there to create articles such as […]

5 Creative Ways To Live An Unreasonable Life

‘The reasonable man adapts himself to the world. The unreasonable man adapts the world to himself. All progress depends upon the unreasonable man.’ George Bernard Shaw All my life I have refused to be reasonable. I recall that even as a nine year old, while in attendance at a Billy Graham Crusade, while all my […]

3 Ways That You Can Make A Real Difference

‘You’re significant, you’re meaningful, you matter, and you can make a difference.’ Carlos Santana Never underestimate the power of being you. You are someone of incredible value. You see things that others fail to see. You understand things that others fail to comprehend. You have a view of the world that is visible only to […]

The Importance Of Walking The Talk

‘Talk the walk, then walk the talk.’ People don’t like associating with hypocrites. Particularly, if you a hold a position of leadership, followers want to know that you’re not just a bunch of words. They want to be assured that what you talk, you walk. Now let’s be totally honest with each other. None of […]

Why Great Challenges Can Often Lead To Great Influence

It is in the place called obscurity that the maturing process does her greatest work. For it is from that place in the wilderness that you are translated from obstacle to influence, from challenge to championship, and from affliction to no restriction. Many a great man or woman has been shaped and formed in the […]

Where Have All The Leaders Gone?

Why is it that some organizations attract leaders and keep them for the long run, while other organizations attract leaders, and yet discard them in quick and regular succession? For the power of any organization is found within the leaders that are developed and nurtured in an atmosphere of love, respect and the freedom to […]

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