The Vital Need For Positive Reinforcement

Post written by Bill Sims Jr. “Manipulating behavior by offering rewards, while a sound approach for training the family pet, can never bring quality to the workplace.” – Alfie Kohn, Phd. Applause bursts out spontaneously from a crowd delighted by the band’s performance. A coach shares a high-five with the player who wins the game. […]

A Good Leader Learns When To Let Others Lead

Post written by Christine Maddox. Letting someone else hold the reigns when the situation calls for it doesn’t make you any less of a leader. In fact, you are more enlightened of a leader if you do. Although some may have a hard time releasing that power, a good leader knows when a more skillful […]

The Vital Importance Of Having A Dominating Purpose

Post written by Peter G. James Sinclair. Through studying his writings I have travelled with Sir Winston Churchill through the battlefields of the Boer War and the 1st and 2nd World Wars. He was the man who guided the FREE world to victory in the 1940′s with the power of his pen and the majesty […]

I Have A Strategy (No You Don’t)

Post written by Peter G. James Sinclair & Howell J. Malham Jr. As a blogger with a blog that reached people from 207 nations this past year, publishers, authors, and agents often approach me to review the latest books on the market. The majority of books are, well how can I put it kindly, plain […]

How Doing Good Transforms Your Life

Post written by Shari Arison. So if it’s my wish to motivate you to act, what else can I say? Have I exhausted all my points in this case? No, not by a long shot. This book would never be finished if it was necessary for me to come to a conclusion, because once the […]

How To Learn To Take Responsibility

Post written by Daniel Adetunji. Responsibility is the ability to respond and act accordingly. You must understand that leadership is responsibility. Often times, most folks want to attain a high position in their job or life, but they are not ready to take the responsibility that comes with it. Promotion comes with responsibility. If you […]

The Top Five Fantasy Speakers

Post written by  Yi Ling Heng. History is full of inspiring speakers. The list of legendary orators includes such diverse names as President Abraham Lincoln, Marianne Williamson, the Dalai Lama, Tony Robbins and Mother Teresa of Calcutta. Each of these people brings (or brought) qualities such as sincerity, humility, empathy, humor and passion to their […]

10 Simple Ways To Look Smarter

Post written by Ken Myers. Everybody wants to look smart. They want other people’s respect and admiration. They want to be looked up to. The only problem is that oftentimes people go about appearing smart in all the wrong ways. If you are not careful, instead of looking smart you can look cocky, arrogant, and […]

You Can Make A Difference

Post written by Peter G. James Sinclair. Sometimes in the midst of the hurry and flurry of life we can wonder whether we are or we’re not making a significant difference to the world around us. We can be so focused on getting by or getting through whatever challenge we are facing at that moment, […]

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