Become A Powerhouse Of Possibility

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Every one of us has a strength. And it is by tapping that strength and by strengthening that strength that we can produce the most productive life possible.

Strong people are those who have identified their strengths and use them on a daily basis to add value to their lives and to the lives of those around them.

There was a skinny little kid showing off to some of his little friends the muscles that were developing in his skinny forearm.

One of the bigger kids mocked him saying, ‘Hey Robbo, are you trying to break the record for the muscle that hangs down the lowest?’

All the kid’s laughed.

Unmoved, with the biggest possible voice that he could muster, he looked at all the kids eyeball to eyeball declaring, ‘My dad says that even though I may not have much muscle on the outside yet, I’ve got heaps of BIG muscles on the inside. And if I keep working out, one day every one of those muscles are going to pop out everywhere all over my body.’

No one had an answer to his response.

So be like the little boy and take the strength of the message found within this article. Apply it to your life and be the powerhouse of possibility that you were created to be.

If we’re ever going to achieve anything of significance in this lifetime, we must have a purpose GREATER than ourselves. It is this PURPOSE that will thrust us out of the world of mediocrity and into the world of the winner and the achiever.

So how do we find our purpose? Good question.

There are probably a million answers to that question, but let me share from my own experience. Maybe a bit of that will help you to discover your own personal strategy. All of us are different, but we can at least learn certain principles from another’s life.

The first thing that I did was this: I decided that I was going to be proud of who I was and of what I could do. I also decided that I was a person who had great value. I didn’t get concerned as to what others said or thought about me. I began to develop my own BELIEF in my own abilities. THIS WAS IMPORTANT.

Once that was firmly fixed in my mind, I began to identify my STRENGTHS. Now what are strengths? They’re the things that come to you naturally and the things that you do with a natural flair. You actually enjoy doing them.


So, this is what I did. I took a piece of blank paper and drew a line down the middle. On the left hand side I wrote my strengths (the things I’m naturally good at) and on the right hand side I wrote my weaknesses (the things I don’t find easy to do). Once I had done that I started to major on my strengths in everything I did. As I could, I started to delegate my weaknesses to others who were more gifted in those areas. Let’s face it! We can’t do everything.

It took me nearly ten years to finally realize this, and even today, as I face new situations and challenges, I constantly ask myself the question, ‘What are my strengths?’ I find that I am the most happiest when I am doing what I love doing (thinking and writing). For me, these things are easy to do and I get great joy out of it.

Because I’ve learnt to ask this question constantly, I now, AFTER MANY YEARS OF LEARNING, make my living out of my strengths. At the same time I delegate my weaknesses. The result is this: I do what I love to do every day of my life. WORK to me HAS BECOME FUN because I’m using MY STRENGTHS.

So in a nutshell, here is one way that can help you to clearly DISCOVER your PURPOSE.


Follow up this simple written exercise by CONSISTENT ACTION. Watch how you will start to live with GREATER ENERGY and GREATER PURPOSE than you have ever done before.


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