Be Not Subject To Reject

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Even as I write this I am recovering from yet another rejection slip. Throughout the years I have received dozens of them in relation to my books, my poems, my musicals and my songs that I have personally created. And even at this time of writing there is no literary agent or publisher who has ever accepted any of my book manuscripts and responded with the word YES.

And even though that may be the case I have still self-published thousands of books that have been sold internationally, have recorded numerous albums and continue to create new and exciting productions.


Because I have learnt the secret of how to never come under the subjection of rejection.


1. Recognize That The Word NO Won’t Kill You – Go on. Stand in front of a mirror and yell at yourself the word NO. Go on. Say it ten times. How do you feel after that barrage of abuse? Oh you’re still breathing. It didn’t kill you? Amazing. So those bullets that you thought others were firing at you are actually only blanks after all.

2. Realize That You Don’t Need Another Person’s Recognition To Be Brilliant – So what if they don’t get it. And who are THEY anyway? They are other people’s opinions, and people’s opinions change like the wind.

3. Keep Dreaming BIG Dreams – Whatever you do, don’t stop dreaming. Dreams drive you to push forward with the next creation. So dream on and dream BIG.

4. Keep Creating Great Creations – As a creative person, to stop creating is to put to death the growth that is necessary for the creation of new and fresh ideas. So never stop the creation process.

5. Realize That There Is Always Another Way – In order to get your material before a wider audience, the Internet has opened up the floodgates for expression like never before. And much of it is freely available. So publish your creations online – whether it be in written word, photographs, videos or audio presentations. Get out there on the world wide web and make it happen.

6. Never Accept NO As The Final Answer – Someone’s no may lead to another’s yes. So keep moving. Keep creating. Keep presenting. Keep improving. Keep submitting. Keep trying. Keep going. Never stop. Never give up. You are worthy. Your creations are special. You are of value, and you have a voice that needs to be heard.

7. Never Stop Believing In Yourself – Be your greatest fan. Declare to yourself on a daily basis that God created you for greatness, and stand firm in that greatness – ever giving thanks to God for the gifts He planted in your life to bring joy to Him, others and don’t forget the most important person on planet earth – yourself.

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