Don’t Want To Be Misunderstood? Don’t Be Great

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misunderstoodPost written by Peter G. James Sinclair.

‘To be great is to be misunderstood.’ – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

No matter what you do in life, you will not always be able to please everybody.

If you speak to an audience of one hundred people, apparently three of the hundred will not like you. But do we get concerned about the three; or rather press on with the ninety-seven?

The more influence that you have, be assured that a dartboard will become part of your everyday wear.

People who do nothing with their lives are rarely targeted. It is only those who truly make a difference who will find themselves in the firing line.

But it is at that very point that a true leader will rise up above any criticism and simply brush off the mosquito bites – no matter how hurtful they may be – pressing on with the fulfillment of the vision for their life.

It’s so easy to set yourself up as a critic, but few can willingly take on the role of being members of the group called ‘the criticized’. History teaches us that a great person’s companion throughout life is a lady called ‘Miss Understood.’

However, it’s how you entertain her that will make all the difference of how you fair in the(in the words of the wisest man who ever lived) ‘dog eat dog’ world that we live in.

Here are a few ways that you can do that:

1. Listen

Whenever there’s a misunderstanding, listen. Because at times there is a possibility that there could be an element of truth communicated to you.

2. Learn

As a fellow traveler in this world, we can always learn something about others, and about ourselves when a misunderstanding occurs. Take notes.

3. Improve

If you glean a truth from what ‘Miss Understood’ has shared with you, then apply it to your life immediately. You’ll be richer because of it.

4. Don’t React

Now if the misunderstanding has arisen from a clashing of belief systems, then resist reacting. Be big enough to let it go. You can’t change others, if they choose not to change. Simply love those who fail to comprehend your heart. Time passed has a habit of bringing forth truth in the truest of light.

So take care of  ‘Miss Understood’, your fellow traveler, as you continue on your journey towards a life of outstanding influence and significance – and choose to be great.

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