Be Expectant & Give Birth To A Great Future

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newbornPost written by Peter G. James Sinclair.

Here’s a quote that leapt into my brain – probably around the time that one of my children was being born – ‘Be expectant and you’ll give birth to a great future.’

I love it when I can draw from the day to day life experiences that I face and create a concept that can be of benefit to others.

When you sum it up – a great tomorrow is dependant on an expectant today.

Expect To Win Or Lose – Your Call

If you expect to win. If you expect to be blessed. If you expect to succeed. If you expect to come up with solutions to every problem you face. If you expect to meet the right people. If you expect to have the ability to be creative. If you expect to have a future and a hope – guess what? You will.

However, the reverse is true.

If you expect failure. If you expect to not be able to address problems. If you expect to be overlooked. If you expect to not be able to create opportunity. If you expect to lose. If you expect to be handed second best. Well guess what? You will.

Personally I expect to be the guy who always lands on his feet. I expect that even though from time to time I will go down for the count, because of one of life’s uppercuts that catches me on my life’s chin, I will rise up. I will find a way. I will start afresh. I will learn from my experiences. I will cherish what mistakes have taught me, and I will go again. And by me learning from these I am then positioned to not only help myself, but to also help others to be overcomers.

Expectancy = Attitude

So expectancy has a lot to do with attitude. Your attitude will not only determine your altitude, but will also determine your latitude. That is, your relationships with those whom you come in contact with everyday.

You can soon tell how a man thinks by what he says – for your input will determine your output. So guard what you put in and you won’t be put out.

To develop a good attitude, one filled with expectancy, make sure you feed your mind with good material.

  1. Read positive books.
  2. Listen to positive recordings.
  3. Attend positive seminars.
  4. And associate with BIG dreamers.

Surround yourself with friends and associates who will encourage and support you in the pursuit of your life goal.

A Real Life Birth & Expectancy Moment

Please let me diverge for a moment back to the event that inspired my original quote.

When I was in attendance at the birth of my first child, the nurse brought in a glass of water for my wife, but in order for me to stop from fainting I drank it. But fortunately for my wife, when I was really needed, I rose up and provided the necessary support when the crucial moment arrived for the entry of my beautiful daughter into the world.

There had been great expectancy for many months, and now there was utter joy, there was fear, there was hope, and in fact there was a kaleidoscope of emotions flying all around the birthing room. But the end result was amazing as I held my daughter in my arms, and we both looked into each other’s eyes for the very first time.

How did it feel?


And whether or not you have ever experienced what I have just shared – you can begin to experience that same feeling in your everyday life.

So be expectant. Be pregnant with great dreams. May fresh, outrageous, creative, magnificent, unconventional, world changing ideas be conceived in your heart and your mind so that you too can ‘give birth to a great future’.

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