Be A Unique Or Be Nothing At All – Featuring Peter’s New eBook

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‘Successful people know the power of uniqueness and make sure they use it.’ Brian Sher

Why be a cookie cutter cut-out or a copycat when you can be an original?

Why be a replica or an imitation when you can be a prototype?

Take time to identify who you are and determine to be you – the unique you.

And here’s a tool that can help you…

My New eBook Is Now Available

To help you discover your uniqueness, I have created a brand new eBook entitled – ‘Discovering The You In Unique’.

Go to now and sign up.

I introduce the eBook with:

I am passionate about helping others to identify their uniqueness, to be comfortable with their uniqueness and to pursue their uniqueness in a world that is often determined to place us in strait jackets of conformity.

I thank God for the non-conformist, for the original thinkers and for the trendsetters.

So may what I write in this e-Book inspire you to dig deeper than you’ve ever dug before until you discover your unique voice that we as a world are waiting with bated breath to hear.

And once you have found yours – then reach out and help those around you to do the same.

The world will be a better place because of this.

Yours in the power of uniquity!

And the eBook contains the following subjects:


How To Identify Your Uniqueness
1. How I Identified My Uniqueness And Made $100K More Than Once, And How You Can Do The Same

The Preparation
2. The Serenity Of Peace

The Personal Story
3. Why The Long Name?

The Benefits
4. How To Benefit From Defining Your Own Success

The Don’ts
5. Don’t Compromise Your Integrity
6. Don’t Be A Doormat

The How To’s
7. How To Live Creatively
8. How To Live The One Objective Life

The Unique Idea
9. From Recession To Succession

The Call & The Challenge
10. Idiosyncrasy’s Discovery
11. ‘Insist On Yourself: Never Imitate.’
12. Breakout To Victory

The Importance Of…
13. Full Self-Esteem Ahead
14. The Longevity Of Positivity

Now It’s Time To Discover The You In Unique
15. 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 Ways To Make Every Day Count

About The Author

15 Books That Ruined My ‘Mediocre’ Life

Introducing The Motivational Memo Newsletter

In addition to getting a copy of this eBook you will start receiving my new Motivational Memo Newsletter which will continue to build on the contents found within the eBook.

The Motivational Memo Newsletter has been created to provide you, as my treasured reader with a step by step guide to how to best uncover your uniqueness and how to begin to operate in that uniqueness. And for those who are interested to ultimately profit from their uniqueness.

The Problem

The problem with most humans is that they are falling short of their full potential, living lower than their possibility, living beneath their circumstances rather than dominating them, and are in fact failing to live a life built upon their strengths.

The Solution

The solution to the above dilemma is training. And I’m beginning to step by step build a training module that will help my readers to begin to reach their optimum in every area of their life.

This is more than just motivation. This is about teaching proven systems that can transform your life, by allowing you to break free from society’s mold that could be currently restraining you. It will release you to be free to make the decision to live and operate from your personal uniqueness.

My Unique Invitation

So let me once again invite you to join me at where I will present you with this life changing eBook ‘Discovering The You In Unique’. I want you to experience what it is to know that you are once and for all operating in and benefiting from the strength of your personal uniqueness.

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