Avoiding Splinters

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I received this memo from myself the other day. It challenged me….trust it does the same for you…

‘Sitting on the fence can only ever get you one thing. SPLINTERS!’

Decide to decide and you won’t slide. You’ll soar. There is something wonderful about making a decision and then acting on it. It empowers you. It builds confidence. It grows you. A decision maker has strong character and is in fact filled with leadership qualities because they are at the helm of their ship. So make it your practice to be ever more definite in the decision making process. Gather all the facts through thorough research, interview those who have done what you want to do and been where you want to go, but then trust yourself as you make a bold decision for your life. Don’t leave the decision making process to others, because this will only lead to one thing; a life that you did not plan on living. It’s your life, so decide what you want to do, leap the fence and go do it.

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