An Analysis Of The Courageous

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Post written by Peter G. James Sinclair.

When it comes to courage we often think of war. But let me enlighten you, that as you walk through each day of your ‘normal’ life there are many opportunities for the courageous to rise up and be counted.

Here are some traits:

Courage is not the absence of fear and is not formed in the land of ease.

Courage is formed on the battlefield of life.

Courage is the outworking of faith in the lives of those who dare to step out of the lounge called comfortable and onto the field called uncomfortable.

A courageous champion is one who acts while the butterflies are still flying into formation.

Those who could possibly fail in the pursuit of victory demonstrate courage.

And yet they are wise enough in their preparation, diligent in their research, and even have a plan B just in case their first plan falters.

The courageous are wisely positioned to win.

Courageous champions are not courageous fools.

Mistakes are the courageous champion’s friend from whom they learn much. But yet they don’t allow the impossible or the improbable to hinder their forward progress.

Those with courage are the ones who start early and those who finish late.

The courageous prepare, so that when opportunity introduces itself to them, and it does, they are positioned to succeed and to be hailed as courageous champions.

The courageous know secretly, that while all others have slept they have been awakened to the exciting possibilities that life has to offer those who demonstrate courage in their daily lives.

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