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FamilyWelcome to my blog. My name is Peter G. James Sinclair. Just call me Peter for short. Here I am with two of the reasons I do what I do – spending time with my beautiful wife and grandchildren. Always having fun.

You see, I’m on a mission to pursue ‘uniquity’ in all that I do, and in the process I want to help others to discover their own uniqueness.

I believe strongly in the uniqueness of the individual and in the importance of pursuing our passion, and I want to help you to identify your strengths so that you can become the very best you that you can possibly become.

I’m firstly and fore-mostly a proud husband, father and grandfather – as well as being an entrepreneur, writer, author, speaker, composer and motivator who is committed to reminding, energizing and activating my readers – while at the same time equipping  you with tools and ideas that will assist you to reach far beyond your fullest potential.

Unlike many blogs in the personal development area you will notice that I have removed comments from my blog. But hey that doesn’t mean I don’t want to connect with my audience. Pop over to Facebook or even Twitter @PeterGJSinclair, or even join the Motivation Nation group on LinkedIn and hang out with some fabulous motivated individuals – and it is there that we can have meaningful and stimulating communication – yes that’s you. Or you can even shoot me an email.

Where do you start when you have hundreds of posts to read through? You start with the best, or at least the most popular.

So here they are:

Most Popular Posts

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About Peter

If you would like to learn more about the story behind my long name please go to: Why The Long Name?

Read about how and why I rebranded my blog.

And to gain deeper insight into the philosophy behind the Motivational Memo you can read:  The Threefold Power Of The Motivational Memo

Discover more about me as a professional speaker.

Find Me Online

Please connect with me online! You can also find me in the following places:

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Share & Send

In addition, I am a non believer in the word copyright in the online world – so all my blog content is not accompanied by a (c) but rather an (s).

The (s) stands for two things:

  1. Share – take whatever you read in this blog and share the riches revealed with others. If it helps you, it can certainly help others.
  2. Send – and if you have enjoyed anything of what  I offer in my Motivational Memos – that are designed to remind, energize and activate – then please send your family, your friends and your colleagues to this site so that they too can discover their individuality, their uniqueness and a pathway to the fulfillment of their passions.
But please note – at least do me the honour of crediting the source of this material with a link back to this blog if you wish to use any of the material from within Motivational Memo.

There’s More

You’ll also discover the deeper and spiritual side of myself in another blog called My BlackPiano where I write on a monthly basis.

You can contact me directly via peter [at]

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