A Greater Perspective On Life’s Storms

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stormy-skiesPost written by Halina Goldstein.

If love is the essence of life – why does life then throw us out of love and into the darkness of loss, of death, of divorce, of loneliness?

If life is good – why is it so harsh sometimes?

We can only guess.

But then again, when we encounter those difficult times and find ourselves asking: Why? – it’s not really because we want to know that.

The Why? is there because we feel like victims of a ‘merciless God’. Or of other people. Or of circumstances.

The Why? is there because we’re in pain.

Underneath the “Why?” there are other, more essential questions.

The Question Why?

Such as:

How am I to live with this pain?

How can I ever feel love when the love I knew is lost and gone?

Will I ever be happy again?

However, these existential and also practical questions cannot be answered as long as the “Why?” is there.

As long as we experience ourselves as victims we’re not able to see answers or solutions. The “Why?” stands in the way and limits our vision.

As long as we insist on being butterflies in the storm of life we are not able to influence its course.

That’s just how it is.

On the other hand, we cannot deny that what we face is a life force with overwhelming power that is beyond comprehension. It can create anything, and it does: storms, too, and deserts and death.

Who are we to influence that? We, who in comparison appear like nothing more than a bunch of vulnerable cells depending on every breath we take.

We’re so easy to stop. How can we ever be free?

Perhaps by changing our perspective?

Dealing With The Storm

When a butterfly tries to not be taken by the storm, the pressure on its vulnerable wings is enormous.

The pressure and the pain come from resisting the storm.

What if the butterfly chooses to let go and let the wind carry it instead?

What if the storm is created to take the butterfly to a better place?

What if the storm is there for us?

Hear this:

What if we are so important, so loved by life itself, that it will raise a storm to move us forward, beyond the known horizons, up to new heights?

These words may sound like wishful thinking but then again, this is exactly what our human experience (and science too) tell us:

Most of us, when looking back at our life, acknowledge that life has been good to us. We may not feel that here and now, but oftentimes, contemplating the past does bring that awareness:

“It was all good. It served a purpose. It served us.”

It is not unreasonable to assume that a few years from now it’s how we will – or could – look at our present challenges as well. Even if we cannot imagine it just yet:

This too was good, in its own way. This too served a purpose. This too served us.

A Greater Perspective

The ultimate question is: do we have to wait for that greater perspective or is it available for us already now?

Would it be possible for us to contemplate, to admit, to allow the idea that right now, in the midst of whatever storm, whatever desert, death even – rather than being lost children in a dangerous world, we are part of life’s greatness?

Is it possible to feel and say that life is good even when it hurts?

Is it possible to have faith in life?

Can we stop fighting what is in front of us?

Would we be willing to accept that life happens for us, not to us?

That we are worth creating the greatest storms? Worth whatever it takes for us to grow, to heal, to fulfill our purpose, to come home to ourselves?

Perhaps it feels impossible. But what if it’s true and possible after all?

What if life happens for us even if we don’t yet understand why or how?

Opening to the possibility that life is always on our side is an existential choice and a fundamental step.

It will affect every other choice and all the steps that follow.

It’s worth contemplating.

Halina Goldstein is a teacher, mentor and writer. She expresses what she’s learning from life through her meditations, her blog as well as projects dedicated to growth, creativity and joy.

photo source: jenningswire.com

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