A Celebration Of Life & Love

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Post written by Peter G. James Sinclair.

To hold the daughter of my daughter in my arms would have  had to have been one of the finest and exhilarating things that I have ever done since I first held my own daughter in my arms many years ago.

Wherever there is love there is life,  and wherever there is life there is love.

Following her birth on Sunday  I was sitting , as is my habit, in a local coffee shop preparing for yet another day – and it is then that I composed this poem to celebrate the entrance of yet another life into the love of our family.

Thank you for sharing in our celebration of both life and love.

The above photo was taken not long after the birth and shows Evie June, my daughter Sarah and the little hand of our grand daughter holding on to the fingers of my wife Shelley.

Evie June

A battle waged
A victory wrought
A birth unveiled
Who would have thought

That such a life
That brings delight
Would touch our lives
From such a fight

A breath
A cry
We sigh

That face that rests
Upon your chest
Tight fingers hold
The one who’s blessed

We stand in awe
With hearts that soar
Perfection placed
With love adore

Those little hands
Those tiny feet
A perfect face
Complete, complete

Now watch her grow
Not too fast
For moments, memories
May they last…


In celebration of the birth of my first grandchild Evie June who was born on June 17, 2012.

Love from Grandad – Peter G. James Sinclair

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