7 Empowering Thoughts For Powerful People

Do you like this story?

I love quotations, and especially if they come with short and succinct explanations that inspire me to be better and to do better.

You can pick these up at any time, read quickly and then continue on with your day empowered to pursue what you have been born for.

So here are just 7 that I wrote….in fact I have written 366 of these….simply a quote of mine with about 100 words to expand on the quote.

Take your time in reading them. Inwardly digest them. Chew on them. Be challenged by them. Don’t discard them, but simply ask yourself ‘what is the lesson I have just learned’ once you have read them. Read them more than once. Seek to understand.

So please enjoy.

1.’The true nature of storms are best seen through the eye of the rainbow.’

You respect the facts but are guided by your heart and intuition. You are guided not by sight but by the spirit of faith. For every gloom and doom you see the sunshine. For every tragedy you see the recovery. For every failure you see success. Some will say that you see the world through rosy tinted glasses, but in fact you see the storms of life through the eye of the rainbow. The specter is replaced by the spectrum. Every death provides room for a new life and every defeat provides a way to win. Nothing of any magnitude or force can stop you from pursuing the dream that is birthed within your heart and which is backed by your every breath and every action.

2.’Follow your conscience and you’ll never have to look over your shoulder.’

There is a voice within you that will guide and lead you, but it is imperative that you take time to listen. For at times it may come as a whisper, while at other times it will shout as loud as tumultuous thunder. The most important thing though is that you pay heed to that voice; for it will help you to clearly delineate between that which is right and that which is wrong. It will aid you in the decision process and provide you with greater clarity. Free of fear, and with no strings attached, you will be able to perform to your maximum potential.

3.’Sharpen your mind by cutting your teeth on some good positive books.’

The mind cannot stand still. If it does it dies. In order for the mind to function to its fullest capacity it must be trained, shaped and molded. This can only be done effectively by surrounding the mind with the positive influence of positive people and the powerful influence of positive reading material. Leaders are readers and if you are to lead your mind, and in fact your life, to greener pastures, then you are going to have to spend the feeding time of your mind in nutritious fields. Don’t read junk. Discern what you read. Question it. Chew on the good and spit out the rest.

4.’Develop your strengths and delegate your weaknesses.’

To identify and utilize your strength is liberty. There is no reason that you should live a moment longer without spending at least some time, during the day or night, using your strength; doing the things that you love doing and using the abilities that come naturally and effortlessly to you. Now don’t be mistaken. Some strengths may need to be dug from the rock face of experience and developed on the track and field of life. But as soon as you recognize your weaknesses, find those who have those traits as strengths and delegate.

5.’Whatever you do, find your mission in life and fulfill it.’

To live a life of purpose is a delight and a joy. To wake up in the morning and to know what you are to do with your life that day is peace of mind. To be able to say ‘yes’ and ‘no’ because your life is guided and directed by a plan, will allow you to flow with the changes that come and the crises that arise. And although there may be pit stops and obstacles, along the way, you will never lose sight of the track that is leading you to your dreams. So before you breathe one more breath, make certain you have found the mission for your life and then go fulfill it.

6.’You can start, the very minute you decide to begin.’

First the decision, then the action. Your mind is a powerful force that controls every single thing that you do with your life. So take charge. Harness it. Train it. Feed it. For the pearls of wisdom are available to those who are willing to search. In all your affairs, always decide to decide. Indecision will kill any dream and destroy any desire. So think first. That way you have begun. Then act. That way you have continued. Your entire life can be transformed in a split second. Do this by turning your back on the past, projecting yourself into the future and by thinking good thoughts in the here and now.

7.’It’s your life. Participate!’

When you were born, you signed up for the greatest life you were ever going to live. The team is called humanity and the coach is called experience. And the only way you will ever get experience is by getting experience. However, a lot of people never actually step up to the plate to bat. My challenge to you today is to grab life in both hands. Don’t hesitate. Do something out of the usual. If you’ve never fished, go fish. If you’ve never dropped free fall from an enormous height, like a bungee jumper, then fall. But whatever you do, don’t die before you’ve really lived.

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