7 Creative Ways To Procrastinate

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ProcrastinationPost written by Bob Ferguson.

‘Procrastination is misunderstood as an obstacle. Many a times, it opens up doors to creativity.’

There are times when it feels like half of the world’s fallen on our shoulders, and we often resort to the art of procrastination to lighten our load. Procrastination is mistakenly regarded as a luxury that prompts us to be unproductive and hedonistic. The truth is, if channeled productively, procrastination can be your the key to creativity.

Some of the masterpieces produced by popular artists, musicians and writers sprung up during periods of procrastination. Keeping our stressed out minds off the target is the trick to resurrecting our creative juices from stalemate. For those who can’t resist a break from a hectic work or study schedule, here are a few tips on how to procrastinate creatively.

Create Music:

So what if you don’t stand a chance at winning a Grammy award? Music in the air charges the atmosphere with positive protons. Whistle a tune, tap your fingers on the desk, and compose a melody to complement the recent poem you had written about your existential crisis. Music is a healing exercise. Even if you devote your time to appreciate a Mozart or Beethoven collection, you aren’t merely procrastinating, but you’re massaging your brain cells. Soothing music helps relax your mind, and a clutter-free mind is imperative to productivity.

Paint & Sketch:

Some of us are fated to a sedentary lifestyle. While we bear the brunt of our mundane routines, our limbs start to itch for action. Instead of abusing your spare time to whine about your job, love life or any other tragedies, grab a paintbrush or a pencil and create art. You’ll be proud of your undiscovered skills, and your room will suddenly be a more interesting place to live in.

Walk In The Woods:

It might not occur to you as a creative feat, but a walk in the woods is one of the most awe-inspiring ways to kill time. With the world’s stunning forest cover rapidly disappearing, we ought to pounce on every opportunity we get to reconnect with nature. Moreover, a little bit of exercise is just what your body might need.

Ink Your Thoughts:

Pour out your heart, mind and soul on paper and you’ll find clarity like never before. The unwieldy jumble of ideas in your head will gradually coalesce when you pen them down. In fact, there’s a good chance that when you convert your inner voice into words, you could unleash the raging poet within you. Besides, the practice of writing would only widen your horizons, and it’s often pleasurable to read your own ramblings as you grow older. If you’ve come across the article 20 Signs You’re A Spiritually Healthy Person, you’d be more inclined towards solitary strolls.

Read, Theorize, Debate:

Long coffee table conversations don’t always transpire in vain. Engaging with philosophical discourse is never an exercise in futility. A debate is an avenue to test your own interpretation of a book you might’ve just read. Exchanging opinions is a pivotal act in reconstructing your political standpoint and hence, your lifestyle. Bickering is a common mode of procrastination, but if we bicker wisely it can be constructive.

Clean Up:

As metaphoric as it sounds; pick up a broom and start sweeping. Rearrange the disarray. A clean place is certainly more conducive for hassle-free activity. An environment devoid of untidiness is ideal for increasing efficient output. Once you have procrastinated, by tidying up your quarters, you no longer have a legitimate excuse for procrastinating. Get to work!

Play With Your Imagination:

So you have a time frame of four days to finish your dissertation and you’re barely past the second page. No point sweating over it and staring at your cursor. Allow the Zen proverb to placate you: “The obstacle is the path”. Stare at the stars, cast away all anxieties and let your mind wander to strange places. Don’t suppress your wild imagination. Discipline is important, but not at the cost of your creativity. Einstein certainly indulged in a healthy share of procrastination.

Bob Ferguson is a freelance writer. He also enjoys writing for collegehwhelp.

photo source: wordsmithstudio.org

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