5 Vital Components Required For Inner Wealth

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External wealth can sometimes be taken away from us, but inner wealth always stays with us. Moreover, the inner wealth attracts sustainable wealth and success that endure.

Following are personal inner treasures that, once obtained, will result in a wealthy, healthy, and happy life.

1. Faith

Having faith in the causes and effects of all actions. We must persevere in developing our own mind, and in learning and growing from all experiences.

2. Perseverance

Efforts in watching over our mind, thoughts, actions, and words so that they do not harm ourselves or others, and efforts in lessening the impacts of past misdeeds and making sure they do not happen again.

3. Competency

Dedication to acquiring the knowledge and wisdom of life.

4. Contribution

Forgiving, giving, sharing, understanding, mercy, and compassion – a spirit of goodness that energizes others and attracts more good to come into our life.

5. Wisdom

Understanding the nature of life. Knowing what to do, how, when, where, and what for. Understanding the pros and cons of things from the observation of self and others with a tranquil mind.

Inner wealth comforts our soul. Our life becomes secure. It is the most important thing humans need to have, It attracts and secures a good life because one doesn’t get what one wishes for but always gets what one deserves. We can always tend the garden of our mind to be conducive to a great life.

DDnard is otherwise known as the healer of millions. Her books have sold more than 1.4 million copies. She heals wounds, dries tears, brings families back together, puts smiles back on people’s faces, and inspires strength in their hearts. She is the author of The Compass Of Now.

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