5 Steps To Discovering Your Life’s Assignment

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While attending school many years ago we were often given assignments to complete as part of our assessment. I tended to enjoy assignments more than tests, because it wasn’t just about being right or wrong, but rather in being creative. And it was for this creativity that we were marked on.

Then after leaving school and college I was confronted with a question – and found myself asking myself – ‘Peter, what is your life’s assignment?’

This questioning ultimately climaxed at a point in my life when my wife was expecting our first child.

I was so disturbed by that question that I locked myself away for three days in a motel room , on my own, with simply a Gideon Bible, a notebook, another book that challenged me in the search for my life’s mission and a pen. I battled through those three days, not eating a bite of food, to determine for myself what my life assignment was.

I prayed. I wrote. I hungered. I concentrated and I read.

I was convinced that to take three days out of my life, that was going to exist for a desired 104 years on planet earth, was a small investment indeed when it came to determining what my assignment was for the rest of my days.

So how do you discover your life’s assignment?

Here is what I found:

1. Block Out Some Time

Be willing to spend time alone in order to find your life’s assignment. You will never discover it by being constantly busy, surrounded by others and distracted. Block out some time for you to spend time with you and your creator.

2. Read About Other Assignment Pursuers

Read the Bible, whether you are a Christian or not, especially¬† the stories about other men and women, along with biographies and autobiographies, and see how they came to the point of discovering and fulfilling or not fulfilling their life’s assignment.

3. Read Books That Ask The Right Questions

Read other stimulating books that ask you lots of questions about your goals, your life’s mission, your dreams, your desires, and your strengths. Pertinent questions asked by others are a great way to help you to discover your answers.

4. Start Writing & Never Stop

Begin to write down your plans, your dreams, your goals, your desires, and make a habit to getting your thoughts down on paper on a regular basis. Whether you are a writer or not, it doesn’t matter. What you write is for your eyes only – but the whole process of writing will help you to focus and concentrate your thoughts on finding real answers to your real questions.

5. Pursue Your Strengths & Passion

Make sure you have clearly identified your strengths (what you’re naturally talented at doing well) and your passion(what you are constantly drawn to read about or do). Don’t try to replicate someone else. You are an original with things in your heart that moves you to action and that are in line with your giftings and God-given abilities.

Be and live the life you were created to live, and don’t be satisfied with anything less than the best.

What steps are you currently taking towards discovering your personal life’s assignment?

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