5 Reasons To Fulfill Your Life’s Mission

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Dr Albert Schweitzer was born in 1875 and was brought up at Gunsbach, in Alsace, where the cultures of France and Germany meet, and the influences of the Catholic and Protestant faiths mingle in unusual tolerance. His father was the local Protestant pastor. The family was deeply musical: both Albert’s grandfathers were well-known organists.

Discipline and concentration, added to his natural gifts, earned him a brilliant academic career. Everything he touched he did supremely well. At Strasbourg, he took his doctorate with a thesis on the religious philosophy of Kant. In Paris, he studied organ music under Charles Marie Widor, one of the great musicians of his time, and eventually surpassed his master in the interpretation of Bach. But in his flood of early success, Schweitzer remained pre-occupied with the suffering of others.

At the age of twenty-one, he made his famous decision – that he would live for science and art until he was thirty, and thereafter would devote his life to serving humanity. He renounced his academic future in Europe to qualify as a doctor, and spent his life at the edge of the damp disease-ridden Equatorial forest of the Belgian Congo serving his fellow humanity.

Here was a man who knew his mission and fulfilled it.

Now here are five reasons why you and I need to fulfill our life’s mission…

1. Permission

You do not have to wait for anyone else’s permission to fulfill the mission you have been given to fulfill in your lifetime. Probably some of the first questions you need to ask yourself are, ‘What is my mission? What are my peculiar gifts? What can I bring to this world to make it a better place?’

2. Commission

Know for a fact that you have been placed on this planet for a purpose. In fact, you have been commissioned by the creator to use what you have to the best of your ability. You were never given your gifts as a human being to shut them up in a box or bury them in the ground. They were deposited into your life for one reason and one reason only – to be developed and used to be a blessing to you, to those around you while at the same time pleasing your creator.

3. Admission

Whenever I go to the movies I have to pay an admission price. To fulfill your life’s mission there will always be a price that needs to be paid. If music is your mission then hours of practice must be your price. Some pay with finance. Some pay with time, while others pay the ultimate price with their lives in order to fulfill their mission. But in all cases, for a mission to be completed, there must be a price paid.

4. Submission

Stop fighting against your mission. You must identify it, submit to it and like with any submission – you need then to submit it to the world. In a sense – first you must give in to your mission and once that is completed your mission is then to give.

5. Omission

In order for you to find your mission there are many things that you must discard. The distraction of generality is one of the enemies of a mission led life. Too many choices or in fact, the inability to choose can threaten your life’s mission. At some point in your life you must choose to let go in order to embrace the true mission of your life.

Fear stops many from doing this. But faith will allow you to choose, pursue, grasp, and discard simultaneously so that the ‘one clearly defined purpose’ for your life is achieved.

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