5 Keys To Activate The Spirit Of Success

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ArcheryPost written by Samuel Ogundiya.

One day a teacher was teaching his students the art of archery. He set up a wooden bird as the target and asked his students to aim at the eye of the bird. The first student was asked to describe what he saw. He said, “I see the trees, the branches, the leaves, the sky, the bird and its eye.”

The teacher asked this student to wait. Then he asked the second student the same question and he replied, “I only see the eye of the bird.” The teacher said, “Very good. Now shot.” The arrow went straight and hit the eye of the bird.

You and I must get to a point where the only thing we see is success. But in order to activate the spirit of success you will need to tap into these 5 keys that will activate the spirit of success in your life.

1. Get a Mentor

“What is a teacher? I’ll tell you: it isn’t someone who teaches something, but someone who inspires the student to give of her best in order to discover what she already knows.” – Paulo Coelho

Sometimes, the going might get tough in such a way that you feel like quitting. But if you have someone who will motivate you to see the possibilities in your dream, things will be easier and you will reach your destination.

2. Burning desire

How bad do you want to achieve your goal?

A burning desire is the starting point to activate the spirit of success within you. If you have a weak burning desire in your heart, you are just like a small fire that cannot produce much heat. In order to accomplish much, you need a burning desire.

Here’s how you can create your burning desire…

  1. Clearly write your goal on paper and in your heart.
  2. Meditate constantly on it.
  3. Imagine the rewards you will get from reaching your goal.
  4. Always say positive affirmation words like, “I shall obtain what I want. The Lord God is with me.”

3. Hard work

The key to success is work. For this reason, you have to work hard. Anything worth doing is worth doing well. What do you want to achieve? Always be willing to work hard and go the extra mile in order to get it. Remember, nothing good comes easily.

4. Get over defeat

Master the habit of making defeat a stepping-stone to reach a greater height. You aren’t a failure until you quit. Know that anyone who has achieved success today has failed one way or another yesterday. So therefore, never let defeat weigh you down. Make it your best friend.

5. Read and listen to motivational materials

The quickest way to activate the spirit of success within you is by reading or listening to materials that will uplift your soul. There are so many motivational materials found on blogs that you can subscribe to in order to get more inspiration.

Success doesn’t just come easily. You have to walk in alignment with your goal, always giving it everything you’ve got until you break through.

In short – What will having your goal really mean to you? What will you get by achieving your desire? Providing answers to these questions alone is enough to activate the spirit of success within you.

Samuel Ogundiya is a full-time writer. He writes about student empowerment and helps others to  write. You can check out his blog at samdiya.com

photo source: mountmadonnaschool.org

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