5 Creative Ways To Live An Unreasonable Life

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‘The reasonable man adapts himself to the world. The unreasonable man adapts the world to himself. All progress depends upon the unreasonable man.’ George Bernard Shaw

All my life I have refused to be reasonable.

I recall that even as a nine year old, while in attendance at a Billy Graham Crusade, while all my friends were going forward when the call of salvation was made, I didn’t budge. Not me. I wasn’t going to do what everybody else was doing. So while every one of my group went out the front, there I was stuck like glue to my seat. It wasn’t that I didn’t want what Billy had to offer – because in the solitude of my room at a youth camp, at the age of seventeen, I did finally respond to Billy’s call that still echoed in my heart from all those years before. It was simply that I didn’t want to do what everyone else was doing at that time. I wanted to be unreasonable. I wanted to be me.

Was it right? Was it wrong? Who knows?

But deep down there’s a part of me that still smiles as I consider that young unreasonable man who to this day still lives an unreasonable life, never fitting the status quo nor the expectations or directives at times of his generation. I think it has something to do with wanting to remain a unique as much as one possibly can.

It is for that reason that my heart and soul resonates with the statement made by the masterful playwright George Bernard Shaw about the defining difference between the reasonable and the unreasonable man.

Here are five ways that you can begin to live an unreasonable and unique life.

5. Adapt The World To Yourself

To do this, choose to be re-creative. Don’t be molded as a cookie cutter presentation. Take what the world has to offer and adapt it to the way you think and the way you see the world.

When you take a look at the definition of adapter, it is a device for connecting pieces of equipment and a person who adapts a text for filming, broadcasting, or the stage.

So to adapt does not mean that you need to be necessarily always the originator – but rather the one who takes something in one form and translates it into another form that connects people with the message that you are presenting.

Take what the world has to offer, and from it recreate something of magnificence that reflects your original voice.

4. Swim Upstream

If everyone is swimming one way, then take a moment to look in the opposite direction and see what wonderful opportunities are available.

By the time most people have caught on to an idea, the idea is very much exhausted.

Did you know that those who dug for gold in the gold rush days were not necessarily those who actually got rich? It was those who set up their stalls along the way to the goldfields, to provide the miners with their supplies, who profited most from the activity.

To stand out from the crowd – go in the opposite direction.

When those around see things from one perspective look deeper and seek out another view.

•    When discussion focuses on the problem look deeper for the solution.
•    Where there is negativity speak positivity.
•    Where the world is engulfed in doom and gloom choose to zoom.
•    While others focus on the dirt dig deeper to find the riches.

3. Think Along The Edge Of The Box

Seth Godin first brought this thought to my attention. When choosing to think outside of the box don’t discard the box, for from within it there are possible elements that can still be of use, and for that reason think along the edge of the box.

For what we learn yesterday can create strong foundations for what we are to build tomorrow. Nothing is ever wasted.

Use, adapt, apply, innovate on the edge – for it is there that you will uncover some of your greatest discoveries.

2. Don’t Follow – Lead!

I read this statement recently in a social media site where someone had asked for everyone in the group to supply their Twitter addresses. Every single one of those who contributed to this request was following the directive given – except one.

That one person wrote – ‘Don’t follow – lead!’ I even remember his name.

Now there was a leader. He shone from within the crowd who were all demanding attention. He was a bright light in a whole bunch of overwhelming similarity.

Leaders lead. They don’t force it. They are true leaders, and they lead while surrounding themselves with wise counselors.

1. Refuse Mediocrity

Mediocrity is all around us. Refuse to participate at that level, and make excellence, in all you do, your pursuit.

•    Don’t be satisfied with 100%.
•    Stretch for 110%.
•    Go beyond the call of duty.
•    Work harder.
•    Work longer.
•    Reach higher.
•    Stretch further.
•    Astonish.
•    Impress.
•    Compete against your last effort.
•    Add your personal twist.
•    Apply your individual brand.
•    Inject your personal uniqueness.

Be unreasonable.

What other ways have you discovered to demonstrate your unreasonable life?

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