40 Ways To Raise Your Standard Of Living

Do you like this story?

I can provide an answer to the title of this memo in just a couple of short sentences.

In order to raise your standard of living, do a little bit extra each day. Reach a little higher. Press on a little further and watch for massive improvement and substantial increase.

Waiting for opportunity to drop out of the sky is no way to do better. You be better, and watch opportunity come towards you – because you are the one who has concentrated on doing, thorough preparation, all along the way.

But I can also provide a more detailed answer from 1 to 40…and by applying these to your life watch your standard of living rise, rise, rise.

  1. Be punctual
  2. Stretch just that more
  3. Learn something new
  4. Try something not yet tried
  5. Test something not yet tested
  6. Say thank you
  7. Give time to another
  8. Listen
  9. Care
  10. Ask questions
  11. Show interest
  12. Write an unexpected note
  13. Extend yourself
  14. Pray not just for your own needs, but for the needs of others
  15. Give money to another
  16. Smile
  17. Laugh
  18. Encourage
  19. Hug
  20. Don’t just think it – tell it and show it
  21. Pause
  22. Reflect
  23. Study
  24. Invest
  25. Risk intelligently
  26. Think
  27. Draw aside
  28. Dream
  29. Close your ears to naysayers
  30. Persist
  31. Endure pain
  32. Keep moving forward
  33. Set your sail and ride the winds of change
  34. Surround yourself with wise counselors
  35. Think on the side of the box
  36. Swim upstream
  37. Refuse to be a crowd follower
  38. Create your own melody
  39. Trust in God
  40. Trust yourself

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