4 Questions To Uncover The Obsessive Possessive

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riskPost written by Peter G. James Sinclair.

It is my observation that in order for you to take possession there needs to be something within your life that becomes your obsession.

Half-hearted people will achieve half-baked results. Full-hearted individuals will reap full-blooded achievements.

Possession & Obsession

No one has ever achieved anything of lasting significance by dipping his or her little toe into the water. Those who have ever done anything of significance, that has impacted their generation and beyond, has at some point plunged headlong into the depths of opportunity.

Possession is not for the faint-hearted. Obsession is not for the fear-hearted.

Risk, adventure, faith and investment are just four words that can be attributed to the obsessive that will position them to possess what they obsess.

Four Questions

So assess where you’re at today and ask yourself these four questions:

1. When was the last time that I took a risk?

2. When was the last time that I set off on a real-life adventure?

3. When was the last time that I stepped out in faith, or did something that caused me to face and overcome one of my fears?

4. When was the last time that I invested in my ‘intelligence’ – bought a book, attended a seminar or purchased a recording that would challenge me to be a better me?

Possess your obsession, and may it be your companion on your way to seeing your dreams come true.

photo source: dubrovnik-online.com

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