4 Powerful Guidelines For An Extraordinary Life

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I had the awesome privilege of being accompanied on a 14 day, 14 city and 18 speaking engagements tour by my tour manager Mr Bernie Gray. At 77 years young, to be in his company for such a length of time was a real privilege. I travelled in the same vehicle, shared meals with him, was introduced to my audiences by him and learned how to effectively deal with people from all levels of society – from children, teenagers through to business leaders, church leaders, mayors, along with local, state and federal politicians.

Yet amidst that, I knew that this man, who in his business prime commanded five companies, brought Subaru into my nation, co-ordinated multi million dollar projects and oversaw hundreds of employees, was going to teach me something of significance.

It was one day, as we were being driven along, that Bernie shared the following four statements with me. He didn’t elaborate on them greatly – and so with these statements forged into my being I want to add my personal interpretation.

But before I share them with you I want to say thank you to Bernie for impacting my life in such a positive way throughout that life changing fortnight. I’ll never forget it.

1. Communication Is The Basis Of Life

I have always been big on communication. I even heard my daughter saying that to one of our new employees in our new hair salon the other day, of how important communication is amongst staff.

In one sense I tend to over-communicate. But can you really do that?

I write things down. I create written systems for my staff. I text. I email. I talk on the phone. I meet in person one on one. I encourage. I find people doing good things and tell them how good they are going. I thank. I write cards.

I set aside times with individual family members and have a coffee to not only talk, but to listen.

It is so important to understand that true communication is a two way street. In fact, if you have a look in the mirror you will find that most of us have been born with two ears and one mouth. So make sure that you listen twice as much as you speak.

I also listen to how people are feeling. What someone says may not necessarily accurately reflect what they are thinking. I seek to look below the surface.

When someone reacts in a negative manner to something that I have said, in most cases it has nothing to do with what was said. It has everything to do with what they are currently facing in another area of their life.

When in sales, if someone reacts to me in a negative manner I have learnt to never take their negativity on board because I realize that they may have just had a fight with their wife, or their child is sick in hospital or they just received an unexpected bill from the taxation office. There is always a reason.

Watch people’s body language as well. Over the weekend I took my wife away for four days to an area in our country’s outback, and whilst talking to a man in a tourism information office, I noticed that while he was speaking with me he held his arms folded close to his body. I realized that he was more uncomfortable talking to me than I was with him. He lacked confidence – and so in that case I always seek out how I can get someone like that to unfold their arms. That way I know that they are finally relaxed in my company and more receptive to what I have to say. In sales that strategy often leads to a sale.

Communication is definitely the basis of life and the development of strong relationships.

2. Exchange Is The Process Of Life

In order to move forward in life an exchange must take place. Good habits must replace bad habits; faith must be exchanged for fear, action for inaction, and confidence for lack of confidence.

This is the process that will allow you to grow, to expand and to step into your future – fully equipped for increased responsibility that will accompany that growth.

You can never move forward without some form of exchange occurring.

And for those who don’t allow this exchange process to occur, they will proceed so far in life, but entangled in their old ways they will ultimately come undone.

Many hang on to the old because they fear that if they let go of the old they will never acquire the new. But that is where faith must kick in. Let go of what is past and grasp that which is of the future.

I recently visited the first stock exchange in the southern hemisphere in a town called Charters Towers and the stories shared there told of those who acquired great wealth during the time of the Gold Rush.

Similarly, those who actively take part in the stock exchange of life will grow wealthy in every area of their life – for it is there that they will cast off their clothes of poverty thinking and be dressed in the robes of possibility thinking. In those garments they will be carried towards a brighter future – more than they can possibly imagine – because they had the courage to exchange.

3. Balance Is The Key To Life

A very wise man shared a story with me some years ago – and part of the story included the following statement. ‘You can do all things…’

I often pondered about that statement, asking myself over and over of how I could ever possibly do all things.

But with the passing of the years, and the acquirement of some wisdom birthed along the pathway of experience, I have realized that I can do all things if I make balance a key part of the ingredients that makes up my life.

When I first started out in business and had a young family I actually did it unknowingly. Whenever I’d market my businesses I would get my whole family involved. When we started a cleaning business all of my family would walk the streets with me distributing leaflets throughout our local neighborhood. Not only did we get our business up and running, but we spent quality time as a family laughing and chatting all the way.

Whenever I had some business success we would go and celebrate as a family by buying an ice cream cone at McDonald’s which at the time cost 30 cents.

When I wrote and published my first book I handed the first signed copies to each member of my family.

In addition I have had the awesome experience now of working in business with all my children. Even at this point I share office space with my two eldest, who now own and operate their own businesses, and have just bought a hair salon which is headed up by my youngest daughter.

Throughout my children’s formative years we would also from time to time conduct what I called ‘Sinclair Family Business Meetings’. Some of my children were so young that they would bring a coloring book and pencil (copying all of us who had brought a pen and notepad) to the meetings as we sat at the dining room table for these important meetings. Here I shared what we as a family were about to embark upon, and each of them had the opportunity to input at these meetings.

Family time has always been a major part of maintaining balance in my life – but along with that I have included physical exercise, healthy diet, regular sleep, spiritual health and have never stopped dating my wife – even after 28 years of marriage.

4. Agreement Is The Power Of Life

There have been times when I have plowed ahead to do things without obtaining the agreement of my wife. It was no wonder that those things failed.

But whenever we have agreed to move forward with a project or a process we have always experienced success.

In raising children we have always been in agreement and I know that it is that agreement that has helped produce children who are now responsible adults.

In the Bible it says that where two or three agree that God is in the midst. I really believe there is an incredible power released when people act in agreement.

Of course leadership is required, and that at times someone has to make the hard call. But at least there should be given the opportunity for input from those who will be impacted by that decision, whatever it is.

My wife and I pray together, work together and move forward together because of the power of agreement. We are as different as chalk is to cheese, but when it comes to agreement we make it a priority that we always move towards a point of meeting – even if at times it is by faith.

Therein lays the power – the power of life.

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