4 Lessons We Can Learn From The Olympics

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Post written by Peter G. James Sinclair.

The Olympics are an amazing celebration of humanity. They are a celebration of speed, accuracy, persistence, perseverance, tenacity, repetitiveness, consistency and so much more.

Sounds a little like my last month.

How about you?

All these qualities are those required for anyone who wants to win gold in their life, and not just some major sporting event.

The good news is that you don’t have to wait four years before your next victory. You can start today.

One way you can do this is by setting goals.

But be smart.

Set achievable and measurable goals for yourself.

Start with small goals.

Achieve these and celebrate.

Then lift the bar a little higher.

Repeat the process.

Learn From The Olympics

The lady who jumped 2.05 metres in the Olympics didn’t start out trying to jump that high.

She started lower and gradually over time, with practice and increased skill, rose to those heights.

Do the same in your life.

Learn to celebrate your small victories and the larger goals will eventually become your rejoicing point as well.

Celebrate and give thanks today for your small victories – be kind to yourself.

Don’t be so harsh on yourself. Be kind.

You are already doing so many great things in your life.

Set Yourself Up For Success

You can set yourself up for success.

So allow me to share just a few tips that will help you win gold time and time again – for the rest of your days.

1. Set A Goal

I know that I mentioned this early in this blog, but it’s worth repeating.

Without a goal you will end up in a hole. If you don’t know where you are going then you will end up where you don’t want to be.

So set a goal.

Start small and then build. Achieve the goal and set a bigger goal. Grow with your goal achievement.

This way you are setting yourself up for success, and will begin to create a success story with a success record that you can draw upon along the way when you need a recharge and some encouragement.

The facts are that if you have succeeded before, you can succeed again and again and again.

2. Find A Coach

You don’t have to cut through the tangled jungle of life on your own. Find someone who has already cut a pathway where you want to go and what you want to be, and walk in their footsteps.

Listen. Take notes. Follow instructions.

Learn. Grow. Act.

3. Invest In Your Education

I recently purchased a set of eight CDs for $1500. Now I know that the physical product would cost less than probably $30 to create, or if you bought the equivalent  music CDs  you could probably get them for under $200 – and I also know  that some people would say  – you paid what?

But I didn’t pay for just the physical CDs. I paid for the information on those CDs.

What’s it worth?

To me?

Probably millions.

So with that in perspective that investment is an extremely good investment with an incredible return.

If you are not willing to part with your money, by way of investment, in order to become a life Olympian, then you are short-changing yourself.

As a businessman I have always invested long before I have ever received a return on my investment. That’s why we call it an investment.

So if you are not used to this type of mentality, then decide to change your thinking right now.

Refuse to be mediocre.

Become an investor.

Say this: ‘I am an investor and I will invest in my future – even if it costs me.’

4. Create Dust

That’s right. Take action. Massive action.

Make lots and lots of mistakes. That’s how you learn, but as you make them learn from them.

Talk to your coach about them. See where you can correct and correct quickly. Learn them fast. Fix them and then move on.

Burn rubber. Create dust and become the gold medal life Olympian you were born to become.

Make your next four years the best and most productive four years you have ever  lived.

For the very fact that you choose to read this material you are already a champion in my eyes. So reach and stretch for nothing less than GOLD.


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