4 Keys To Unlocking Your Standout Life

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StandoutPost written by Peter G. James Sinclair.

‘Turn up.’ – Woody Allen

Woody Allen’s simple explanation for succeeding in life rings true with me.

However, I want to explore those two powerful words a little deeper, for they are two words that clearly differentiate between those who succeed in this life and those who fail.

1. Turn Up The Volume

When I was about to leave my office for a fortnight my eldest daughter’s response was, ‘Man it’s going to be quiet around here without you here.’

I love life loud. I’m noisy. I’m boisterous. Even my dog has trouble sometimes handling this. I don’t really care who is overhearing my conversation in coffee shops because my life is an explosion of energy and a stew pot of exuberant noise.

I have never been a believer in the term ‘quiet achiever’. How can you be quiet when it is your daily pursuit to achieve something significant?

The trouble with many is that they try to live a successful life expressed by a quiet whisper. My philosophy has always been to ‘shout it from the roof tops’.

That’s why in business, when I market, I market noisily. I get the word out. I write. I text. I advertise offline as well as online. I communicate loud – ever turning up the volume so that the world can know about what I have to share.

I speak good things, share great things, and just someone along the way who may hear my message, may be inspired to live a life that will positively impact even more people than I can reach.

I turn up the volume because I want to make a significant difference in people’s lives. By the way – I even read the AMPLIFIED version of the Bible from time to time.

2. Turn Up The Passion

Passion speaks to me of heart – a pulsating heart – a thumping apparatus that sustains life.

One thing I want to be known for is my passion. Passion impacts, Passion shakes people from their sleep. Passion permeates the fabric of humanity. Without passion life is as limp as a soggy noodle.

When the sun shines I feel the warmth of its passion. When the wind blows I feel the force of its passion. When I plunge into the surf I feel the passion and the power of the waves against my body. And at night, as I look up to see the moon I sense the glowing passion of its beams upon my face.

So I take that passion and I apply it to every task I undertake. Passion lifts you far above mediocrity and passive existence.

3. Turn Up The Enthusiasm

This fits hand in hand with passion, and yet I felt it important to highlight it on its own. Enthusiasm comes from the Greek word entheos. En = from and theos = God.

So when you express enthusiasm you are expressing the very energy source that was used to create the world you live in and the air you breathe.

In the words of Norman Vincent Peale, ‘Enthusiasm makes the difference’.

So turn up the levels of enthusiasm that you demonstrate in every area of your life.

Bring your enthusiasm to work, to your relationships, to your sports activities, to your church, to your charity, to your school, to your business, to your college and university, and to your dealings with your customers.

Enthusiasm will transform your life and the lives that you touch on a daily basis.

Answer the phone enthusiastically. Shake hands enthusiastically. Choose to be enthusiastic in everything you do, and watch total transformation occur in and around you. It brings with it a divine energy and a force that will sustain, energize and inspire.

It will change your life.

4. Turn Up And Participate

To turn up means to be truly engaged, entirely immersed and totally involved.

Many people show up to work, but their minds are somewhere else.

Practice the habit of turning up – spirit, soul and body – and watch what happens.

Efficiency and effectiveness will increase a hundredfold.

Give it all you’ve got. Apply the 110% rule and discard the paltry 100%.

It’s your life – participate!

Don’t just simply show up – turn up.

turn, Turn, TUrn, TURn, TURN UP an unlock your standout life.

photo source:business2community.com

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