4 Cures For Overcoming The Onset Of Old Age

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Old AgePost written by Peter G. James Sinclair.

The number of years denoted by the calendar and your birth date are no reflection of how old you really are, or how healthy you are in your spirit, soul and body.

I have met twenty-one year olds who, in their mind and attitudes, are older than some whom I have met in their eighties.

Age is not a matter of chronology. Age is a matter of attitude, and of the state of your mind.

So to keep you from suffering from the onset of old age, here are four cures that will keep you ‘young at heart’ and ‘young of mind’ for many years to come.

1. Keep Learning

People who work a job and who do additional study outside of their working hours attract advancement.

In this day and age there is no excuse for not pursuing some external study.

Personally, I attend seminars, take online courses and position myself to learn new things at every opportunity.

I make certain that I am always a student, because I have enrolled in a lifetime of learning – called my University Of Success.

By doing this your mind is stimulated, new ideas are sparked, fresh insight is revealed, and a different perspective is gained.

I pay for some of this learning, but it is amazing how many complimentary courses are available – both offline and online in written, audio and video format.

2. Keep Reading

Now I’m not talking about the newspaper here.

I’m talking about selective reading of material that stimulates your brain, challenges you through questioning, and causes you to take notes.

In addition to books read great articles that have just been written in blogs all over the world.

Join your local library, and that way you have access to an incredible array of material for free.

3. Keep Great Company

I’m a firm believer of the power of coaches and mentors.

The greatest value of having these people in your world is that they are unafraid to ask you the hard questions.

In addition they also keep you accountable.

It is so easy to lie to yourself, and to fail to fulfil the plans that you have proposed to move you forward in life.

Whether they are paid or unpaid really doesn’t matter. But make sure that you meet on a regular basis for at least an hour. Watch how that relationship makes you sharper in every area of your life.

In addition, the conversation focussed on your personal improvement – whether in person, or over the phone or via Skype – will develop you in your communication skills and perception.

4. Keep Pursuing Great Goals

In my wallet I have a list of my goals that I carry with me and refer to on a daily basis.

On this year’s goal list I have my:

  • Financial/Professional goals
  • Spiritual goals
  • Personal Goals
  • Mental goals
  • Physical goals
  • Social goals
  • Philanthropic goals

So by learning, reading, keeping great company, and pursuing great goals you are offsetting the disease that afflicts those who remain staid in their thinking and unchanged and unchallenged in their thought processes.

By maintaining an atmosphere of stimulated thinking, the onset of old age will have no power over you. Healing shall be yours.

May your life motto then be: The older I get the younger I think.

photo source: dailymail.co.uk

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