3 Ways To Turn Your First Step From Overwhelming To Inevitable

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overwhelmPost written by Ragnar Miljeteig.

When you’re being introspective, and you realize that perhaps there’s a thing you should start doing, it’s easy to postpone it. It’s easy to forget about it. It’s easy to ignore it.

Starting the process is hard. But it doesn’t have to be.

Imagine that you are going jogging for the first time in a while. Getting out the door is the hardest part, yet the easiest. If you consider the actual physical effort involved, it is the easiest. But if you consider the mental fortitude it requires, it is the hardest.

It is also the most important. If you didn’t muster up the willpower to get off the couch, put on your slacks and get out the door, nothing would have changed. You wouldn’t have restarted your habit of jogging.

Nothing would have changed.

But when you’re overwhelmed, there are few things you can do, to turn the first step from seemingly overwhelming to inevitable.

1. Remember But Forget The Ultimate Goal

What I mean is, keep in mind that when you do start out the goal might actually become a reality.

But forget about the overwhelming amount of work required to reach it. Focus instead only on what is right in front of you – what you can do right now to achieve some progress today.

2. Make It As Easy As Possible

For some people, starting out on a new journey is painless. They relish the challenge. However, for others it’s just not that simple. That’s where this technique comes in handy. Make it as easy as possible. Make the first step seem as little a challenge as possible. For example, your first goal is only doing one sit-up per day, and walking for 3 minutes every other day.

The reality is that once you have actually started, almost every single time you will do more than the necessary 1 sit-up or 3 minutes of walking. You just trick yourself into conceiving it as less overwhelming, and it makes it easier to get started.

You might be thinking – ‘Well that’s easy when you’re dealing with things like training or losing weight, but what about the more intangible, complicated goals? Goals like becoming more confident?’

If you’re interested in building confidence, here is the easiest, least painful of all things you can start doing.

A lot of people ask for the time. Well by answering that question that’s one thing you can do.

But I did something a little different. When someone was specifically looking for someone to take their picture, or they appeared to be lost, I would offer to help them.

I offered to help people that I noticed were troubled by something that I could help them with.

Not only does this increase your ability to talk to strangers, and make you feel good because you managed to challenge yourself, but it feels good that you did a good thing. Your actual self-worth increases a tiny bit each and every time.

3. Make It As Enjoyable As You Can

Not everything in life is about goals. In fact, very little of the time you have will be spent achieving your goals. Most of your time will be spent striving towards them. That’s why it’s important to not forget enjoying yourself throughout the journey.

If your goal is to exercise, why not revisit your favorite sport from your childhood. Not only are most sports very entertaining, and easier to commit to, they involve a lot of movement and can provide great overall exercise.

Even if you want to take up jogging, start doing so in your favorite time of day, or even during your favorite season. If you want to start working out, instead of going to the gym filled with the fear of being judged because of your sense of inadequacy – start in your own home. Do bodyweight exercises while listening to your favorite music right in the comfort of your own house.

When you forget about the workload, make it as easy for yourself as you can, and visualize that starting out will actually be a good time. This is how you can take the first step turns from being overwhelming, to becoming inevitable.

Plus when your new endeavor is enjoyable right from the start, it’s a whole lot easier to keep going.

Ragnar  Miljeteig is a Norwegian student of life with particular interest in personal development. At Month To Make A Difference  you can help him make a small positive difference in this large world. A project where he shares the endeavors of normal individuals who try to make a difference in 30 days.

photo source: wallsave.com

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