3 Steps Towards Greatness

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greatnessPost written by Peter G. James Sinclair.

To walk in humility is not to be used as a doormat. Stand tall in the knowledge that you’ve been created for greatness. Know this. You’ve been born for a time such as this.  So be proud of who you are, of what you know and for what you can do.

When God created you He knew that He was creating something unique, something extremely precious and special.

1. Unwrap & Display Your Gift

You have a gift upon your life that no other human has been given. So be you. And take that gift and unwrap it so that we, as the recipients of the gift of your life that you offer, can receive it with great joy.

If your gift is to write, then write. If it is to paint, then paint. To speak, then speak. To build, then build. To compose, then compose. To support, then support. To create, then create.

But whatever you do, don’t do it half-heartedly. Do it with passion, and with a conviction that you have something of incredible value to offer the world.

And know this, that no matter who may criticize, or condemn – you are worthy and are highly valued.

Be assured – because it’s a fact. God has never once created anything or anyone of inferior quality. Even with any flaws that you know you may have – you were created absolutely perfect.

2. Be True To Yourself

To be true to yourself, you need to be a non-conformist.

We live in a world today where governments demand, organizations dictate, society insists that we should do this, do that, or come up to some standard, or perform some act, or commit to some cause.

But I say, ‘Be true to yourself’.

Follow your own convictions. Lead your own club. Direct your own organization. Yield to your heart, and don’t allow yourself to be swayed, cajoled or bullied into walking a path that’s not made for your footsteps.

For truly the blessing is on obedience – obedience to the call on your life. It’s not about what others think. It’s about what you think, and as to what you do with what you’ve had apportioned to you in this lifetime.

Take non-conformity and make it the performance of your life. For it is your life, and yours alone to be lived as it was created to be lived – in obedience to your deepest convictions and beliefs.

3. Travel Your Road Boldly

Life is the greatest road trip ever, but at times it can be rather confusing. We start out with dreams, with inspirations and with goals. And then life’s responsibilities overtake, and can at times dim the dream, or even cloud the mission.

But my experience has been this – that as long as you continue to travel on the road towards your dream, and seek to do that which is excellent – everything that you’re assigned to do – then there’ll be an unveiling of your dream little by little.

For it’s in the traveling that there‘s the unraveling.

If you simply stay put, and never apply action to your dream. If you never tempt risk. If you never position yourself for possible failure, then you’re in fact robbing yourself of the rich rewards that come with the unraveling.

So continue to travel upon the road towards your dream – no matter how rough, no matter the detours, no matter the stop signs. And if you persist, your dreams shall be unraveled before your very eyes.

photo source: menprovement.com

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