3 Keys To A Successful Life

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‘Go deep, work hard and always be open to learning.’ David Rockefeller Jnr

There is no pill for success. There is no shortcut. There is no fast track – well not for a lasting success. We have all seen cases where fast success has in a few years been derailed. What we want to experience is a success that lasts a lifetime, and that is passed on to the next generation.

And that is why Rockefeller’s statement is so powerful.

So let’s take a closer look at what it will take to lead a successful life.

1. Go Deep

Someone once told me that if you ever want to become passionate about any particular subject then you need to dig deeper. I have personally found that the deeper I dig the more knowledgeable and excited I become. True lasting success is not built upon that which has been slapped together on top of a shallow foundation constructed on a sandy surface. True success, that builds and grows, is built upon foundations dug out of the rock, and that is accompanied by deep investigative and consistent study. I am reminded of the depth of foundations required for skyscrapers. The higher you want to go, the deeper you must go.

2. Work Hard

I know that we have been presented with the proposal such as the 4 hour week and the cliche to work smart. But at the end of the day, if you love what you do, you will work harder than the hardest. It is actually not work at all. It is a place whereby you can develop character, skills, relationships, as well as a future for both your life and for those whom you love. Of course, in the midst of this it is important to learn how to work smarter. Learn to delegate. Learn to use technology’s gifts to your advantage. But at the same time work hard at what you do with a spirit of excellence.

3. Always Be Open To Learning

Since I left school I have learnt so much more than I ever learnt within any educational institution. That is why I continue to read, to listen and to attend seminars that expand my brain. The more I learn the more I realize that I don’t know. You and I will never graduate from the school of learning – and with a world that continues to change at the speed of thought, we must always keep an open mind so that we can analyze all that we see, touch or hear. Even when I hear things that I don’t understand, or even disagree with, I seek to learn. And one of my greatest teachers appears whenever I make a mistake. Rather than burying myself in sorrow or regret I ask the question, ‘What is the lesson that I can learn from this?’

So go deep, work hard, and for all your days upon planet earth, always be open to learning. These are your three keys to a successful life.

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