The 3 Fundamental Faith Foundations

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Strong FoundationPost written by Peter G. James Sinclair.

Throughout history the currency of many nations and its worth has fluctuated, and at times even become totally worthless. So to put your confidence in a nation’s monetary system alone is to build your foundations on shaky ground.

This is where you need to invest in your faith account. And how do you do this? Well, I can only speak from personal experience.

So here are three fundamental faith foundations that will equip you to position yourself time and time again for success.

1. Have Faith In God

I personally have faith in the God of the Bible. Sure my parents pointed me in the direction of my faith – but there came a point in my life, as a teenager, where I personally made a decision to establish my life upon the teachings of this book of incredible wisdom. This all happened when I personally met the Author.

My faith is simply expressed in both my trust and a confidence in my Heavenly Father – so much so that I stake my life and my very existence on Him and His Words. In my life I have seen Him supply my greatest needs time and time again and that alone proves to me that He is personally interested in my well-being. I talk to Him as my friend and my mentor. This goes beyond a religious experience. It’s a personal relationship.

2. Have Faith In Your Strengths

I have consistently needed to identify my strengths and learn to operate in those strengths if I wished to walk in success and satisfaction.

The first thing was to identify them. To do this I simply needed to recognize those things that I do naturally and the things that I have a passion for. And then I needed to do them on a consistent basis – ever seeking to improve along the way.

3. Have Faith In Others

Then I have at the same time learnt to delegate my weaknesses. This has been helped by gradually surrounding myself with a strong support network of people who can help me in these weak areas.

Mentors are in this group. And the older I get the greater need for this is becoming more evident in my life. These individuals are strong individuals who assist, support and guide me in the daily decision and activity process that make up my life.

So no matter where I find myself in the world geographically or financially, this faith currency is the currency I use on a daily basis, and it sufficiently sustains me.

Try building your life upon these strong foundations, for it is of eternal value.

PS: For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. – John 3:16

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