21 Meanings Of Self Improvement

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Personal-DevelopmentPost written by Asnat Greenberg.

Recently I’ve taken a journey into the world of altruism.

I wanted to meet good people. I was interested in hearing about their acts of benevolence, but I also wanted to understand who they truly are and explore their inner world. I narrated the tales of my journey in my book: “Secrets of Kindness: A Journey among Good People.”

In my view these people are our best teachers. Their actions, morals, personality, and values make them into a shining example to us all. I feel that my connection with them taught me a great deal about the road I strive to travel upon.

The Meanings Of Self Improvement

The following are the things we need to be aware of in order to make our lives more meaningful. The following discusses the meaning of Self Improvement.

  1. Self improvement means following your heart and pursuing your desires.
  2. Self improvement means to try to not fear changes that you make in your life.
  3. Self improvement means knowing that you need to do the things that will make you happy.
  4. Self improvement means understanding that the simplest things in life are also those which bring you happiness.
  5. Self improvement means greeting every person you meet with a smile.
  6. Self improvement means building a vision and believing in it. Believing is the first and most important step to fulfilling your dreams.
  7. Self improvement means listening to John Lennon’s “Imagine” and being moved by it.
  8. Self improvement means to imagine that the beggar you see in the street is a relative of yours and to treat him accordingly.
  9. Self improvement means understanding that life is not an easy journey, and you never truly know what those around you are going through.
  10. Self improvement means not to slander others.
  11. Self improvement means to develop empathy for your fellowman.
  12. Self improvement means not being indifferent to animal abuse.
  13. Self improvement means respecting kindhearted people for being just that-kindhearted.
  14. Self improvement means not belittling others.
  15. Self improvement means not being critical of others.
  16. Self improvement means praising others and trying to empower them.
  17. Self improvement means always giving your best effort.
  18. Self improvement means understanding that what may seem to be a failure today may turn out to be something else. That failure may have caused you to realize what your true path really is.
  19. Self improvement means understanding that no one is perfect.
  20. Self improvement means forgiving yourself for the mistakes you make.
  21. Self improvement also means believing that “It’s never too late to be who you might have been.” (George Eliot)

 Asnat Greenberg is an economist, an artist, and a writer. She worked in the Bank of Israel for 20 years as a Senior Economist, managing billions of dollars worth of foreign investments A few years ago, she followed her heart, left the Bank of Israel, and began to create art, exhibiting in the US and in Europe. Her book, Secrets of Kindness: A Journey among Good People, that has been published recently, is the story of her journey through the world of altruism. This fascinating mosaic of interviews with good people forms an impressive and inspiring document showing the human spirit at its best. She is married, has three children, and lives in Jerusalem, Israel. Her art can be seen at: http://helen-and-asnat.com/

photo source: dailysuccess.com

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