12 Of The Most Motivational Movies Of All Time

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Most Motivational Movies Of All Time

Movies are one of the tools that I personally use to inspire and motivate me.

I’m very selective as to what movies I watch, and in most cases I don’t just watch to be entertained. I want to take away from a movie something that I can readily apply to my life. Sometimes it’s a word. Sometimes it’s a phrase. And sometimes it’s the example of an underdog overcoming odds stacked against them. That way I truly get my money’s worth.

The movies I have selected are more than pure entertainment. They are in fact an investment into my heart, mind and soul.

As you take the time to enjoy these small portions, most of which are trailers, may you be inspired and motivated through the marvelous vehicle of film.

For here are, in my opinion, 12 of not just the most motivational movies of all time, but the greatest motivational movies ever…

I warn you in advance that you might get your box of tissues out ready to use – and be inspired all over again – to become all that you have been created to become.

1. The Pursuit Of Happyness

2. Rudy

3. Mr Holland’s Opus

4. Coach Carter

5. Forrest Gump

6. The Man From Snowy River

7. August Rush

8. The Bucket List

9. Rocky 1

10. Castaway

11. Chariots Of Fire

12. Blindside

What other movies have inspired you as much as these have inspired me?

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