12 Essential Questions That Will Change Your Life

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I have learnt one thing in life, and that is that if you want to obtain the right answers for your life you need to learn to ask the right questions.

At times I have found it difficult to even know what question to ask, let alone find out the answers for my life.

But one effective way that I have further developed this has been through exposing myself to material that poses questions.

Learning To Ask The Right Questions

That’s why I love books that have questions as part of their presentation – or even at the end of each chapter. These questions not only help me to discover the answers, but also instruct me on how to better formulate my own questions that will steer my life and influence my decisions for good.

So often we find it hard to actually pinpoint those questions more than anything else.

And the underlying concern is often, ‘What if my questions are wrong questions?’

It’s a true fact that good question development is an art, and requires practice.

12 Essential Questions

Well here are 12 powerful questions to get you started and to set you on your course. Write them out in your journal and then write your answers. This process will be life changing if you take action and draw aside to do this now.

1.    What desires have been living in me most of my life?
2.    What motivated me to be productive?
3.    What keeps me going forward when I am worn out?
4.    What makes me refuse to quit when I meet with resistance and opposition?
5.    What do I do that doesn’t seem like work?
6.    What do I do that brings positive response and support from others?
7.    What am I doing, or what’s happening in my life, when doors seem to open automatically and effortlessly?
8.    What do my mentors think about my work?
9.    What makes me feel good about being who I am?
10.    What makes my creative juices flow?
11.    What am I willing to sacrifice to accomplish it?
12.    What would I do without being paid for, if I could afford to?

Answer these 12 questions, and on the basis of your answers apply the action that will continue to drive you towards the fulfillment of your life vision and the outworking of the purpose for which you have been born.

Adapted Source Material: Bob Gass

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