10 Vital Tips To Help You Sell Refrigerators To Eskimos

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Post written by Peter G. James Sinclair.

‘Don’t just think it. Do it!’ – Blackberry Billboard Advertisement

While driving this past week I noticed this statement on a billboard. Profound yet true.

Action is such an essential ingredient if we ever want to experience any success. But remember that it must be right action.

The Story Of A Sales Failure

When I first started out in sales a couple of decades ago, I failed miserably. I would often catch myself saying that I was not a salesman. I was convinced that I would never succeed in sales.

But throughout the years I had to take hold of my tongue and turn my sales life around.

Sales skills can be learnt, and when I hired a business coach when I owned a web design company he taught both my team and I how to sell. So much so, that after sitting under his tutelage for twelve months we doubled our income the very next year.

Transformation Into A Sales Professional

Today I am a sales professional – confident, diligent, and persistent and no matter what I am given to sell I can sell.

One of the key differences between when I failed in sales to where I now succeed in sales is that I have learnt to apply consistent action.

One of the main reasons I failed previously was that I started, stopped, started, stopped, doubted, yielded to fear, questioned my ability, and took objection and rejection as a personal affront rather than shouting ‘next’ whilst moving on to the next prospect.

I simply had to stop thinking and I had to start confidently acting and doing on a consistent basis.

So what has changed since my early failure in sales to where I now sell without thinking?

1. I have learnt that it’s not about me.

2. I have learnt to ask lots and lots of questions.

3. I show a genuine interest in my future customer.

4. I ask for the sale.

5 I qualify my future customers and if they don’t fit my customer profile I gently knock them off the fence.

6. ‘Next’ is my favorite word.

7. I talk to more people than the average salesman.

8. I lead my customers. They do business my way or we don’t do business.

9. Every sales call is a lesson. I constantly seek to improve.

10. I set sales goals – both short term long term.

In addition to these ten points I sell benefits. I solve problems. I provide solutions. I listen after asking questions. I write or follow a script. I evaluate every sales call asking myself how I could have done better.

That way there will never be an Eskimo without a refrigerator.

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