10 Excellent Reasons To Do Good Business

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Good Business is more than a product, more than a power-packed sales method, more than a service. It has everything to do with relationships.

And if you are not the owner of a conventional business, don’t stop reading because each and every one of us are in the business of life.

Who do we do business with, particularly repeat business? The people whom we like.

  1. Good Business has to do with listening more than talking. Find out what your customer needs and seek to meet it.
  2. Good Business is more than ego. It’s showing that you care.
  3. Good Business is more than promises. It’s fulfilling what you promise.

  4. Good Business is more than technology. It’s about using technology to help people and it’s about taking the time to develop a relationship with someone.
  5. Good Business is more than getting the next sale. It’s about going the extra mile.
  6. Good Business is more than making a profit. It’s about making sure that the customer is taken care of, even if it costs you money to achieve that.
  7. Good Business is about integrity. Your word is your honour.

  8. Good Business is about clear communication. Make sure it’s crystal clear to those whom you do business with. Always look below the surface of their answers when you ask them questions.
  9. Good Business says that whether you buy off me or not I like you.
  10. Good Business is about honesty.

The fact is, that in my business dealings I like dealing with the people I like. I stick with them. I introduce my friends to them and I even forgive them if they make mistakes. Because hey, I make mistakes too. Who have you met lately who is perfect?

This is why it is so important to have Good Relationships and out of those Good Relationships you are going to develop a Good Business.

It all makes Good Sense. I like you, you like me, we like each other and we do business!

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