Are You Hungry Enough For Success?

Post written by Peter G. James Sinclair. There is a benefit that arises from being hungry. It inspires the search. It initiates the hunt. It releases the motivator. It unveils the inspirator. It invites creativity, and it provokes innovation. None of us like hunger pangs, but the very fact that we’re hungry – for whatever […]

Self-Improvement: Achieving The Perfect Voice

Post written by Audrey Hoffman. It’s no surprise that the way you speak can affect another person’s perception of you. Whenever you open your mouth to speak, people are judging you by the sounds that you make. Within minutes or sometimes seconds, people determine whether you are smart, funny, talented, secure, happy— or none of […]

The Rights & Wrongs Of Comparison

Post written by Peter G. James Sinclair. If there is one word of wisdom I can offer you today it’s this: stop comparing yourself to those around you. The days of keeping up with the Jones or the Smiths are dead and gone. Stop looking at the other guys car, because if you knew the […]

How To Turn A Stranger Into A Friend

Post written by Paul Sanders. If you don’t know how friendship starts, and how two strangers become friends, it can be hard to build a good social life. In this article, I would like to share with you the specific steps that you can take to turn a stranger into a friend. The Right Environment […]

The Vital Keys To Living A Happy & Fulfilled Life

Post written by Peter G. James Sinclair. The one thing I like predominantly about hanging around winners is that they force me to continue to seek ways to improve. I remember reading about Sam Walton – the founder of the mighty WalMart chain. He would make it his habit to regularly visit his competition, and […]

The Discipline To Do: Why I’m Dead-Broke In the Mirror

Post written by Seth Bolt. “Every morning, before I put on my suit, I look at myself in the mirror as if I’m dead broke.  Then I go out and make something of myself.” – Michael Porcaro, Owner and Founder of Tides Enterprises My band, NeedToBreathe didn’t reach success and stardom immediately; it took us […]

7 Giant Killer Secrets For Destroying Rejection

Post written by Peter G. James Sinclair. Even as I write this I am recovering from yet another rejection slip. Throughout the years I have received dozens of them in relation to my books, my poems, my musicals and my songs that I have personally created. And until recently there had been no literary agent […]

Invest 1% Of Your Day In Yourself

Post submitted by From the moment our hand swipes the side of that alarm clock in the morning to the time we tuck ourselves back under the covers at night, we are constantly on the move. Parts of our days we rely on routines. Whether it be to conserve mental energy or to make […]

The Final Word Of Wisdom

Post written by Peter G. James Sinclair. For years now I have been drawn to the words of the wise. So one of the highlights of every day that I live is to spend a portion of it in the company of wise men and women. I do this in person, but predominantly I spend […]